D105: Multifunctional Medical Kiosk

What is multifunctional medical kiosk

The multifunctional medical kiosk is a full function health checkup station that provides most of chronic diseases examination and primary health care all-in-one service, the medical kiosk is the fundamental of telemedicine system, it is a computer system which collects health data from external medical devices, it stores and transfers all the data to cloud and enable doctors to see the patient through internet.

Medical kiosk can be deployed at many places, especially in the regions where lack of medical resources, such as rural areas, mountain areas, or low developed cities.

It can take measurements as below:

multifunctional medical Kiosk
Multiple function medical kiosk
  • Blood pressure/temperature/SPO2
  • ECG/EKG(6 leads or 12 leads)
  • Height & Weight, BMI
  • Glucose/Uric acid/HbA1C
  • Hemoglobin
  • Cholesterol/HDL/LDL/Triglyceride
  • Urine routine
  • Otoscope/Dermatoscope/Ophthalmoscope
  • Stethoscope
  • Sonography/Ultrasound scan
  • Hematology analyzer
  • POCT analyzer
  • Mental health evaluation
  • SDK/API is provided
  • Customization

How does the multifunctional medical kiosk work?

  • Step 1: Login by mobile phone number, QR code, or identification card, or email address
  • Step 2: Take the measurements according to sequence or specific need

  • Height & weight: Stand straightly on the platform
  • Body composition: Grip the two metal handles on the two side of the machine
  • Otorhinolaryngology: Test ear, nose, and throat by 2M pixel LED camera
  • Ultrasound scan: Check neck, abdomen, heart
  • Blood pressure: Check left arm, right arm BP, pulse rate
  • Temperature: Forehead temperature
  • Blood oxygen saturation: Index fingertip test
  • ECG/EKG: 6 leads or 12 leads ECG
  • Glucose: Fingertip blood
  • Uric acid: Fingertip blood
  • Blood lipid & cholesterol: Fingertip blood
  • Mental health: Some mental tests related to stress and depression
  • Step 3: Review the report
  • Step 4: Send to cloud and connect with EMR(Electric Medical Report)

Specifications of medical kiosk

Height probe

Height sensorBrand name: Senscomp(US brand)

Weight: Load cell

Weight sensorDigital Resistance
BMIBody mass index

Body composition analysis

CurrentBelow 90μA
MaterialElectroplating handle
PositionTrunk, left arm, right arm(wihtout taking off the shoes)
MeasurementsFat mass, Muscle, body water, Basal metabolism, Visceral fat index, Body fat percentage, Ideal weight, BMI
P.S. The results are for reference but not final and medical results

Body temperature

Test methodInfrared handheld thermometer
Accuracy0.1 ℃
PowerDC 9V
Power consumption≤120mw
Test distance5 – 8 cm
Auto turn off10-15 seconds

Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure range(0~270)mmHg,[(0~36)Kpa]
Pulse40 ~180 times/min
AccuracyBlood pressure: <±2mmHg(±0.267kpa)
Pulse: <±2%
Environment temperature5℃~40℃
ProtectionI type, B Class
Arm circumference17-42cm
Wave lengthred light: 6663m, infrared light: 890nm
SensorDouble wave LED

Pulse Oximeter

Power of maximum light output≤2mW
Environment temperature5℃~40℃
Relative humidity15%~95%


Diameter5.5/4.5/3.9 mm optional
Focus length18-22mm
View angle70°
LED6 pcs
Video recordingSuppport
Image captureSupport
Cable length150cm


input currentAnti defibrillation protection input
Leads6 or 12 leads
UI ColorProgrammable
Export formatPDF/JPEG/XML
A/D convert12 bits
Heart rate range 20-300bmp/min
Time constant≥3.2s
Frequency response0.05Hz~150Hz(-3.0dB/+0.4dB)
Calibration voltage1mV±5%
Polarization resistance voltage±300mV
Accuracy5, 10, 20(mm/mV)
Print speed12.5,25,50(mm/s)
Input impedance≥5MΩ
Input loop current<0.05uA
Noise level ≤15uVp-p
Base line adjustmentAutomatic
Patient leak current<10uA(220V-240V)
Patient auxiliary current≤0.1uA(DC)
FilteringEMG filtering 20Hz/30Hz/40Hz/off
Baseline 0.16Hz/0.32Hz/0.67Hz/off
AC filtering 50/60Hz
Common mode rejection ratio>90dB
Rythmic leadRandom options

Glucose & Uric Acid

Volume for blood glucose0.6μL
Volume for uric acid3μL
Sample typeCapillary whole blood, Venous whole blood
CalibrationPlasma equivalent
Measuring time for blood glucose5±1s
Measuring time for uric acid25±1s
Storage/transportation conditions-20℃~55℃
WeightAbout 100g
Power source3V DC, 10mA, 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Battery lifeperform up to 1,000 tests
Memory500 blood glucose test results with date and time
100 blood glucose control solution test results with date and time
100 uric acid test results with date and time
100 uric acid control solution test results with date and time
Condition for blood glucose10 ℃~35℃, RH≤80%
Condition for uric acid15 ℃~35℃, RH≤80%
Measurement units for blood glucosemg/dL or mmol/L
Measurement units for uric acidmg/dL or μmol/L
Measurement range for blood glucose20~600 mg/dL or 1.1~33.3 mmol/L
Measurement range for uric acid3.0~20.0 mg/dL or 181~1188 μmol/L

Accuracy: 95% test result of glucose meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeBias%
<5.5mmol/L(100mg/dL)Within ±0.83mmol/L(±15mg/dL)
≥5.5mmol/L(100mg/dL)Within ±15%

Accuracy: 95% test result of uric acid meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeBias%

Precision: Test result of glucose meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeRequirement

Precision: Test result of uric acid meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeRequirement

Lipid & Cholesterol

MethodologyReflectance Photometer
Test Time≤ 2 min
Measurement RangeTC: 100-500 mg/dL (2.59-12.93 mmol/L,1 mmol/L=38.66 mg/dL)
HDL: 15-120 mg/dL (0.39-3.10 mmol/L, 1 mmol/L=38.66 mg/dL)
TG: 45-650 mg/dL (0.51-7.34 mmol/L, 1 mmol/L=88.6 mg/dL)
SpecimenWhole blood, plasma, and serum
Specimen Volume10 μL for individual test; 25 μL for 3-1 test
Accuracy of TCTC:difference£ ±15%  CV£ 7.5%;
Accuracy of HDLWhen HDL≤ 35mg/dL, difference £ ±5.3mg/dL,SD £ 2.6mg/dL;
When HDL >35mg/dL, difference £ ±15%, CV£ 7.5%;
Accuracy of TGWhen TG≤ 100mg/dL, difference  £ ±15mg/dL,SD £ 7.5mg/dL;
When TG >100mg/dL, difference £ ±15%, CV£ 7.5%;
Units of Measurementmg/dL, mmol/L
Automatic Shut Off5 minutes after last use
Meter Size142 mm × 70 mm × 27 mm
Display Size50 mm × 50 mm (1.97” ×1.97”)
Weight130 g (without batteries)

Urine routine(11 items)

CommunicationBlue tooth
TheoryLight reflection colorimetric method
Speed60 samples/hour,  highest 300 samples/hour
Buttons5 key capacitive touching screen
PowerDC 5V,1A
DimensionsL 110mm*W 68mm*T 27mm
Power consumption2W
Life time5 years
Test categories: 11 (categories)LEU–Leukocyte, BLD–Occult blood, NIT–Nitrite, KET–Ketone body, UBG–Urobilinogen, BIL–Bilirubin, PRO–Protein, GLU–Glucose, pH–pH value, VC–Vitamine C, SG–Specific gravity

Ultrasound scan

2 in 1 Double Head Probe Type Wireless Mini Ultrasound Scanner

Scanning mode:Electronic array
Display mode:B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW
Channel of RF circuit board:32/64
Probe element:128/192
Probe head width:80mm
Image Adjust:BGain, TGC, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise, Color Gain, Steer, PRF
Probe frequency and scan depth, head radius/width, scan angle(convex):Convex head 3.5MHz/5MHz, 90/160/220/305mm, 60mm, 60°
Convex head with phased array(cardiac) scan mode:  3.5MHz/5MHz, 90/160/220/305mm, 60mm, 90°
Wide Linear head 7.5MHz/10MHz, 20/40/60/100mm, 40mm
Narrow Linear head 10MHz/14MHz, 20/30/40/55mm, 25mm
Microconvex head 3.5MHz/5MHz, 90/130/160/200mm, 20mm, 88°
Intracavity head 6.5MHz/8MHz, 40/60/80/100mm, 13mm, 149°
Replay:Auto and manual, frames can set as 100/200/500/1000
Puncture assist function:The function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, automatic blood vessel measurement, and the enhancement imaging of needle point
Measure:Length, Area, Angle, heart rate, Obstetrics
Image save:jpg, avi and DICOM format
Image frame rate:Black/white-19 f/s, Color 15 f/s
Battery working time:3~5 hours(Depending on whether keeping scan)
Battery charge:by USB charge or wireless charge, take 2 hours
Inbuilt WIFI module802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps(Connect by inbuilt WIFI, NOT request WIFI signal in the environment)

or Choose 3 in 1 Linear/Convex/Phased Array Pocket Wireless Mini Ultrasound Scanner

Scanning mode:Elecronic array
Frequency:Convex/Phasedarray probe 3.5MHz/5MHz, Linear prob 7.5MHzZ/10.0MHz
Scan heads:Covex and Linear two heads, the convex head can be programmed to be as phased array head
Display mode:B,B/M, and Color, PW,PDI
Scan Depth:Convex 90/160/220/305mm, Linear 20/40/60/100mm
Replay:Auto and manual, frames can set as 100/200/500/1000
Scan angle and width:Convex 50°, Phased array 80°, linear 40mm
Image adjust:Gain, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise
Puncture assist function:The function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, automatic blood vessel measurement, and the enhancement imaging of needle point
Measure:Length, Area, Angle, Obstetrics
Image frame rate:20 f/s
Battery working time:3 hours
Charge:By wireless charger,2 hours
WIFI type:802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps(Connect by inbuilt WIFI, NOT request WIFI signal in the environment)


Principles(please see detailed parameter)
WBC/DIFFFlow cytometry, semi-conductor laser light multi-dimensional cell classification
WBC analysisOptical and impedance measurements
RBC/PLT analysisImpedance method
HGB testCyanide-free reagent colorimetry
ReagentDiluent, detergent, lyse, sheath
Sampling modes & aspiration volumeWhole blood: 20 μL, pre-diluent: 20 μL
Aperture diameterWBC 100 μm, RBC/PLT 68 μm
ThroughputWhole blood: up to 60 samples per hour, pre-diluent: up to 60 samples per hour
Data storageUp to 200,000 sample results with grams
AlarmsError messages & pathological flagging
Display10.4-inch color touch screen
PowerAC 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 250VA
Dimension490 mm (L)x 459 mm (W)x 332mm (H)
WeightAbout 35kg
Laser ScatterMulti-angle scatter separation (MASS)
Original cell morphology signal
Stable and long-lasting
Sheath Flow RegulationChemical dye free technology
Only sheath reagent for WBC 5-diff
Diluting UnitSeparation system for motors and syringes
Ceramic syringes
High precision motors
Quality Control SolutionOriginal QC reagent with multi-method as L-J, X, X-R, X-B, etc.
Third party QC solution available

Bone density

Measurement partsRadius and Tibia
Measurement  modeDouble emission and double receiving
Measurement parametersSpeed of sound (SOS)
Analysis DataT- Score, Z-Score, Age percent[%], Adult percent[%], BQI (Bone quality Index ), PAB[Year]  (physiological age of bone), EOA[Year] (Expected Osteoporosis age), RRF(Relative Fracture Risk).
Measurement  difference≤0.3%
Measurement Reproducibility≤0.3%
Measurement  time<25 seconds
Probe frequency1.20MHz
Temperature controlPerspex sample with temperature instructions
Probe measurement navigationThis equipment display the Axial angle ,  the Horizontal Angle , the Direction Angle between the probe and the bone plane, it display the change of the real-time angle data.  It is easy to correct the measure angle quickly, improving the measure speed , improving the data Accuracy
Probe crystal indicationIt display the working condition for the four crystal of the probe, and the signal strength for the ultrasonic reception
Daily CalibrationAutomatic calibrating after power on
Bone densitometer main unit weight>3.3 kgs
Illumination StyleLarge spot, small spot, slit, mesh, red-free
Diopter Compensation0 ±1 ±2 ±3 ±4 ±5 ±6 ±8 ±10 ±12 ±16 ±20 -25 -35D
Illumination Source3.5 V/2.8 W, Halogen Bulb
Color Rendering Index≥90%
Illuminance≥80 Lx
Brightness adjustmentSupport, easy to observe erect fundus image
BulbHigh color temperature
Good color rendering
Even light spot and sharp image
Light spots and filtersComplete types, support various observation requirements
Eye protectionSoft rubber around the eyeholes
Protect eyes and stabilize the ophthalmoscope
Auto turn-off & soft startYes
Input Power Option 1AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz, 8VA
Input Power Option 2Li+ rechargeable battery pack, DC 3.7V
CPUBasic frequency≥180M
Video codeH264/MJPEG
Video format1080P/720P
Frame rate30fps
Camera2 Megapixel(Default) or 5 Megapixel(Customize)
Magnifition≥50 times
Light optionsNature light, Polarized light, UV light, red light, blue light
Pixel Size≥1.4um
CMOS Size≥ 1/4′
Lithium battery3.7V@3000mAh
Working current≤500mA
Off-status current≤10uA(Self discharge current after power off)
Auto turn-offYes
Indicator of statusYes
Video transferUSB2.0 OTG/HOST—1080P/720P video transfer
WIFI transfer2.4G Wireless 720P video transfer
Magnification controlSwitchable between 30 and 60 times magnification
Auto focusYes
Firmware updateSupport online update
Anti Static-ElectricityContact 8000V/ Air 15000V
Power efficiency90-105% in the condition of 5V 50Hz

Psychological Questionnaire

Psychological assessmentsSelf Rating Anxiety Scale
The Elderlys Depression Scale
Self-Rating Depression Scale
Psychological Age Scale
Climacteric Scale

Specifications of medical kiosk

LevelClass II
Advertisement screen19″ LCD display screen, visible under sunshine
Opertion screen17″ touch screen
Package dimension121(L)*190(H)*140(W)cm
Machine dimension242(H)*174(L)*61(W)cm
Inbuilt PC and processorGifa® industrial board, Intel i3 8100, 2.0 or 3.5GHz
Operation systemWindows 10 64bits OS, Version No. 1909
A4 printerHP-P1106
Data output portTCP/IP
Voltage220 AC (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption100W(Max.)
Operation and storage temperature5℃~45℃(-10℃~+60℃)
Machine weight/Package weight156kg/240kg(wooden case)

Medical kiosk boost telemedicine industry

Imagine how painful it is for patients and their beloved ones must separate from time to time and suffer the pain during the treatment if they are living far away from the hospitals, telemedicine technology can solve this healthcare problem and improve the wellness and life quality of the patient and his family. With the technology of telemedicine, the patient could take routine health check nearby his home or office, and talk with doctors through telemedicine platform software, the multiple health check kiosk can finish most of the chronic disease health check so in most of the situation the patient could stay at home and finish his health monitoring and tracking, only when his illness becomes worse, he needs to see a doctor in hospital or a referral diagnosis, and all his electronic medical record can be reviewed as reference for the doctors to find out treatment solutions.

Main components

Accessories or consumables

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