How can healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

As per a 2024 survey, when there is a high patient to doctor ratio then medical malpractice can arise. At present, when the world is under the pressure of a serious pandemic, the hospitals are crowded like never before. Therefore, the burden on the healthcare staff has increased a lot. Healthcare kiosks are an easy solution to counter this burden on medical professionals. healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

What is a healthcare kiosk? 

Health checkup kiosks are also known as health checkup stations. iDoctorCloud health kiosks assist people in their vital health examinations without visiting a doctor. It saves people’s time by providing quick screening of chronic health conditions.

Types of health checkup kiosks?

There are two types of health checkup kiosks that people can encounter during health examinations:

  • Self-service kiosks Allow patients to do self-examination without the assistance of hospital staff.
  • Medical kiosks– These require medical professionals to carry out health examinations of patients.

Both types of health checkup kiosks serve to release the burden in hospitals. Because in the case of a self-service kiosk, the patient can do a health examination himself. And, in the case of a nurse-operated kiosk, a single nurse can handle many patients’ examinations.

Heath Check Up Kiosks- How they release burden in hospitals?

Health Kiosks are often placed in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, educational institutes, airports, etc. At these places, people could choose health app plus health check up to finish a round of health checkup. This will release the burden in hospitals by reducing the workload of healthcare professionals. Due to this, they can focus better on patients’ care. Health kiosks provide the following benefits, which reduce the burden in hospitals. healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

1.Serves more patients

A health checkup kiosk only takes 5 minutes to examine a patient. So, it can handle 12 patients per hour. This is quicker than the traditional process of health examination in hospitals. It increases efficiency as more patients are diagnosed in a short time. As a result, the burden on the hospital will be less and related profits more.

2.Faster diagnoses

Due to healthcare kiosks, the speed of the diagnosis is increasing tremendously. This makes it easy for the healthcare staff to gather all the details of the patients quickly. This is exceptionally helpful to the hospital staff, as it allows them to collect patient’s information without regular follow up calls. In this way, health checkup stations reduces the burden in hospitals.

3.Early detection and screening for chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are considered the leading cause of death all across the world. These diseases, such as cancer, glucose, chronic lung disease, etc., are mostly diagnosed late. People often get medical assistance when they feel the symptoms, which increases complications, of these diseases. Heath kiosks increase the chances of early detection of chronic diseases. Because people find it easy to do a quick basic health screening, then waiting in queues for their turn. The risk of these fatal diseases increases with age. Aged group people who are at greater risk can do comfortable screening through health check-up stations.

healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

Screening for chronic diseases using a health checkup kiosk is easy and reliable. Patients only have to mark the areas on the body diagram where they are feeling the pain. They have to answer some really simple questions, and they are done with the screening process. Regular screening allows them to diagnose these fatal diseases at an early stage. Early detection not only increases the chances of cure but also exerts less pressure on hospital staff. Because if these diseases are diagnosed late, the treatment procedures are both costly and difficult.

4.Convenient screening/monitoring of vitals for at-risk groups

Vital signs include the screening of the most basic functions of the body. These include body temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, weight, body fat, pulse rate, etc. Risks groups include those people who are at greater risk of developing abnormalities in vitals. For example, COVID-19 vitals screening can help people greatly. In case of any change, the patient can get medical assistance.

Healthcare workers are already under pressure due to the COVID-19 crises and other serious health diseases. If people visit hospitals to screen their vitals, this will obviously increase the burden in hospitals. To release burden in hospitals, health checkup kiosks provide convenient screening of vitals quickly without going to hospitals. These kiosks take only 90 seconds to update regarding vitals. Thus, basic health screening is a better option than ending up being in hospitals.

5.Immediate results for improvement or medical assistance

Won’t you be more satisfied if you get your reports quickly after screening? thanks to app development for healthcare, they not only provides easy and quick screening and diagnoses but with more advice and different treatment solutions, which helps you have an idea about your health quickly.

In hospitals, the medical staff attends many patients. Keeping a record of test reports of all the patients is a daunting task. Thus, it consumes a lot of time for healthcare workers. As a result, they are constantly under pressure to provide patients with quick and accurate reports. Health checkup kiosks are great in reducing their burden as they provide immediate and confidential results. The results are accepted by international medical standards as well. These immediate results help prevent some serious diseases as the patient can quickly seek medical assistance.

6.Prevention of complications by early diagnosis of diseases

We often hear that prevention is better than cure! Nothing can be more accurate than this in case of serious medical complications. Health checkup kiosks are useful devices to prevent diseases if people do screening at regular intervals. With the decrease in disease count, the burden in hospitals will decrease.

For example, hypertension, which is also known as “Silent Killer”, is a chronic disease without any initial symptoms. Symptoms occur after disease which increases the chances of heart, brain, or other serious diseases. According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 billion people around the world are suffering from hypertension. Preventive measures are the best cure for this disease. So, a regular screening using health checkup kiosks can help in early diagnosis. This helps people to take preventive measures to stop the disease rate significantly.

7.Saving useful hospital resources

According to stats, chronic diseases add up $3.7 trillion to America’s annual primary health care costs. This amount is equivalent to about 20% of the USA GDP. As per surveys, about 6 out of 10 individuals suffer from at least one chronic disease in America. This is a huge burden on the healthcare system and results in the loss of hospitals’ financial stability. The hospitals’ resources will decline over time if chronic diseases continue to rise at the present rate.

To reduce this burden, health check-up kiosks provide an early diagnosis. At an early stage, these diseases can be treated, and fewer resources are used. This is really helpful in combating these serious complications and saving useful hospital resources.

8. Reduces labor costs by eliminating expenses of staff

Technology has reduced human resources in every sector of life. The Healthcare system is no exception. The use of medical kiosks will reduce the number of medical staff required to attend to patients. People often visit a doctor for minor infections or regular screening of their vitals. More patients mean more healthcare workers. This increases the burden on hospitals due to the expenses of hospital staff.

Health checkup kiosks greatly reduce labor costs as people can do self-examinations by self-service kiosks without visiting hospitals. Even if they visit hospitals to have their health examination by nurse-operated health checkup kiosks, it only requires one person to have health examination of many patients. When the labor costs are reduced, more resources can be utilized for providing facilities to patients.

9.Free up space in hospitals for patients with serious illness

Patients having serious illnesses need more attention. They need more detailed examination for quick recovery. But due to many patients, even with minor infections, visiting hospitals daily, the pressure on the healthcare professionals is very high. This pressure leads to poor basic health screening and resultantly slow treatment progress. healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

According to studies, a majority of medical professionals give 17 to 24 minutes to patients. Healthcare kiosks provide health examinations to people with slight illnesses. This lessens the burden in hospitals and makes more space and time for patients suffering from serious diseases.

10.A solution to slow down the spread of COVID-19

healthcare kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

The devastating effects of COVID-19 on the healthcare system can’t be ignored. According to statistics, Mayo Clinic, located in the USA and runs 23 hospitals nationwide, will lose 3 billion dollars in 2020. According to the American Hospitals Association, collectively US hospitals are losing 50 dollars per month during the COVID-19 crises.

Health check-up kiosks can release the burden in hospitals by providing basic health screening outside hospitals too. People can check their vitals regularly to screen themselves for coronavirus. So, less routine visits to hospitals will reduce the chances of COVID-19 infection. Because hospitals have greater chances of spreading the virus to healthy people as well during their routine visits. Therefore, having self-examinations by health checkup kiosks can helpful in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. This will release the burden in hospitals by decreasing the number of patients.


As the number of patients due to different diseases increase, the burden on the healthcare system increases. In response to the current pressure that hospitals are facing, health checkup kiosks are much-needed devices. They help people to have self-examinations of vitals and other diseases. This leads to early diagnosis of fatal diseases. The preventive measures, in early disease stages, are helpful and this, in long run, will release the burden in hospitals.

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