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SONKA Medical was established in 2003, at the beginning, we produce height and weight BMI scale machines, we are the first company who adopts Ultrasonic sensor for height measurement and bring a revolution for health examination in hospitals and health centers, from 2010, we begin to produce health check-up kiosks, the new system includes: blood pressure, pulse oximeter, ECG(electrocardiograph), ultrasound scanner, blood test, psychological assessment and so on and so forth, nowadays integrated health screening kiosk is a new solution for health screening and health care industry, Sonka Medical is the first manufacturer in China.

In last 15 years, Sonka Medical becomes the first supplier of health kiosks in China cities’ projects, we have abundant experience in cooperation with government projects, especially the projects of ministry of public health.

Performance in Global Market:

For international market, we have established distributor network across the world, such as UK, Spain, Israel, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, Chile etc.

In Oct, 2018, SONKA was invited to attend the Global Primary Health Care Conference organized by WHO in Kazakhstan, which is also 40th anniversary of WHO global conference, SONKA was the only Chinese company who made a speech on “Smart Public Health Care System”, which is mainly introducing the health kiosks and health tracking system and got lots of feedbacks and welcome by the attendees.
Sonka Medical, we promise to become the first ranking manufacturer and R&D center in the world for health care check-up screening products.

As a pioneer of health care medical kiosk supplier, we have signed agreement with ministry of health in Kazakhstan, Thailand, we have accumulated abundant experience to cooperate with Government projects.

  • Medical kiosks with Cloud solution
  • Portable health check station
  • Ultrasound height weight vending scale
  • Body composition analysis machine

Sonka Medical is nominated to be unique OEM and ODM supplier for Omron in China.

Sonka Medical has ISO13485 certificate for medical device production.

Main customer includes: Omron, Airbus, NHS, PAMLife, AR Pharma and more.

OEM for Omron

Our mission is to dedicate to health screening and health tracking and improvement solution, by health screening examination with AI technology, Sonka will take big data analysis as our development target, based on public health history data, the cloud algorithm will give prediction on personal health trend and give warning at the early stage, this is a long term strategy of SONKA, and we will strive to achieve this goal finally.

Public health is a long term task for our human beings, it is our responsibility to provide solution for people to prevent early disease, lower down the mortality, improve personal health condition and know his own condition, know how to improve his health status.

Sonka will keep focusing on the health care industry and remain our pioneering position, we will keep investing and focusing on this field, we will provide more and more up-to-date, cost effective solutions for public.

Research and testing in SONKA

Selling Point

We will make health care convenient, affordable, health care would be everywhere, SONKA will be everywhere.

Unique selling proposition

  • Integration of various of health examinations at one stop
  • Utilizing advanced technology to detect early disease
  • All measurement testers are qualified with CE certificates
  • Cloud based health care network
  • APP for people to check his own health history
  • SDK/APIs are provided for integration
  • Available for expansion of more functions/measurements
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