Advertisement healthcare kiosk

Advertisement & health check kiosk is a perfect healthcare solution for public health early monitoring which combines medical examinations and commercial advertisement together. The 32 inches TOUCH screen health kiosk could display video advertisements on standby screen or operation screen(half dvertisement and half operation).

Advertisement healthcare kiosk
Advertisement healthcare kiosk
Advertisement healthcare kiosk

Main feasures of the advertisement healthcare kiosk

Advertisement healthcare kiosk is a chronic disease examination station that allows people to have regular health checkups nearby communities or working places without assistance, it includes:

Comparision before and after

In majority places most of people are not convenient to take primary health care examination, so they have to take the health checkup in a hospital or a medical organization every half a year or even longer period. People do care about their health, but they don’t have access to easily monitor their own health.

On the other hand, most of the hospitals/clinics still arrange nurses to manually measure the patient’s vital signs, which occupies lots of time and dramatically reduce the work efficiency of nurses.

With Advertisement & Interactive Health Kiosk, people can take health checkup everywhere with affordable price, and save lots of time on transportation, and this health data can be connected with country’s personal medical record. People can easily trace their health trend from APP or website, and receive more precise medical consultation, or assistance if necessary, all these information will be life long time stored and accessible at any time.

On the other hand, this machine’s advertisement could drive more business/service to more customers who really need them, today’s business really depends on the distance between sellers and buyers, real time advertisement video could dramatically increase the exposure of the business/services nearby the people, this technology encourages more people to use and more investors to join, because it combines health care service with business revenue together perfectly.

Why us?

  • Source: We have our own R&D team to integrate all the medical device in the system
  • Experience: We made many mistakes before, and we learn a lot from before
  • Integration: We provide SDK for integration, with easy understood docs
  • Communication: With 15 years experience the communication is easy and efficient
  • Professionality: All of the devices(CE certificate) are medical level with clinical evaluation report
  • Production: We have big capacity and we can accept sharp increase order
  • Being Friendly: We welcome any kind of cooperaion, even for students essay preparation.
  • No.1: We are the No. 1 manufacturer of healthcare kiosk in China.
  • Made in China: Except a few components, all components are made in China