Telehealth kiosks for chronic disease monitoring

Medical kiosk for telemedicine service

Medical kiosk is a wellbeing checkup station for people to have complete body health screenings, in the traditional hospitals or clinics, people need to go to different places to take different health examinations before seeing a medical doctor, which is quite troublesome and time-consuming, while medical diagnosis kiosk combines vital signs plus chronic diseases checkup at one station, all the patients’ health results can be stored or transferred online, so it is the most convenient for telemedicine services, no matter where the patients are.

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Telehealth kiosk features

Patient registration and check-in

Wherever the telehealth kiosk is installed, such as in hospitals and clinics, the patients could finish self registration at the first time, the log-in mode could be residence card, insurance card, or QR code, which includes personal information, such as email, mobile number, or more filed can be customized.

Multiple health screenings at one station

It includes: height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, basal metabolism, body score, ECG, glucose, uric acid, HbA1C, urine, blood pressure, SPO2, temperature, otoscope, stethoscope, psychological test, hematology analysis, ultrasound scan etc. Indeed the health chekcup kiosk is like a medical platform, which can do lots of health examinations at one station without asking people to go to everywhere to process the measurements.

Communication with Electronic Medical Record

The personal health results could be stored and connected with hospital information system, thus the doctors can understand his health condition and provide diagnosis accordingly.

Cost effective solution

As a manufacturer and supplier on health care market, iDoctorcloud provides cost effective price solution, interactive wellbeing health kiosk is originated from blood pressure kiosks, which is popular in WALMART super market for self service health checkup, the prices are range from US$3,000.00 to US$10,000.00(or more), depending on the functionalities, and if you need customization.

Compared with other competitors

More and more organizations are deploying medical kiosk as one of the healthcare services, there are many competitors, such as higi, pursuant, Amwell, rexall, wellpoint, cardinal, 365, publix, and so on and so forth, while comparing the ability of R&D development, owning abundant supplies of various of medical equipment, thousands of engineers, and endless resources covering every aspects, including industrial design, application developers,  assemble and integration, logistic, China is in the center of the world, so please do not hesitate to contact us, you will not regret to find the best partner on market.

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