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What Telehealth kiosk Can Do?

All-in-one Health kiosk is suitable for primary health care checkup. What functions should the machine provide? It should be integrated with expected health checkup measurements, the biggest advantage of the health kiosk is convenience for patients and doctors, so it should provide more measurements with accuracy, and fast speed health screenings compared with traditional medical checkup measurements.

Indeed the health chekcup kiosk is like a medical platform, which can do lots of health examinations at one station without asking people to go to everywhere to process the measurements.

The other advantage of health kiosk is it can collect all the health checkup results and upload to cloud server at one time, while traditional checkup needs organize all the data from different checkup systems and upload by manual input(regardless the manual input errors) or a new integrated software, by which it needs lots of adjustment due to different devices communication protocols.

As a manufacturer and supplier on health care market, iDoctorcloud provides cost effective price solution, interactive wellbeing health kiosk is originated from blood pressure kiosks, which is popular in WALMART super market for self service health checkup.

Nowadays more and more super markets are considering to introduce this automatic telehealth ATM machine into their super markets, there are many competitors, such as higi, pursuant, pharmasmart, rexall, wellpoint, cardinal, 365, publix, and so on and so forth, but comparing the ability of R&D development, owning aboundant supplies of various of medical equipments, thousands of engineers, and endless resources covering every aspects, such as product apperance design, embeded circuit board layout, PCB board and welding production, software developers,  assemble and integration, China is in the center of the world, and iDoctorcloud is in the center of China, so please do not hesitate to contact us, you will not regret to find the best option on market.

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