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Height Weight Scale Parameters

Model No.L08X80THV9CB
Imagesk-l08 height weight bmi scale machine sk-x80th height weight scale with blood pressure monitor sk-v9-advertisement height weight scale  sk-cb coin-operated height weight scale
Applied inVending industryVending industryVending industryVending industry
Control systemCircuit boardCircuit boardCircuit boardCircuit board
ScreenTouch screenTouch screenLED screenLED screen
Screen size7 inches10 inches5 inches5 inches
Height/Precision2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm
QR codeYesNoNoNo
IC cardNoYesNoNo
Printer(Front mount)YesNoNoNo
Printer w/t cutterYesYesYesYes
Ticket width56mm56mm56mm56mm
Advertisement ScreenNoNoYesNo
MaterialAluminiumSteel plateSteel plateSteel plate
Surface FinishPaintPaintPaintPaint
Standard colorGray whiteCreamy WhiteYellowGray
Industry standardISO13485ISO13485ISO13485ISO13485
Multiple languageYesYesYesYes


Payment integration, which means the people need to pay for each measurement, we could integrate with coin acceptor, QR code, IC card, people could pay by coin, game coin, or prepaid card, or Mobile APP. The IC card comes with a payment management software which manages the members by prepaid amount such as monthly or yearly amount.

Height weight scale has a built-in printer that prints out the measurement data. Printer with a cutter, by this the ticket will be cut with a tiny edge connecting so people easily tear the ticket off. Default is 56mm width, and the ticket paper is thermal paper, it can be printed without ink replacement, the lifetime of the printer and cutter is at least 1 million time use.

Don’t forget the communication port, default communication is RS232, the newest communication can be WIFI(wireless internet connection) and bluetooth, these communication types are useful if you need the data to be transferred to your mobile, or an IP address, such as hospital HIS(hospital information system) or a server for another application(shch as APP or cloud analysis).

API is provided, we will provide API for your integration, this will be important for the government projects.

Their default height is 2.4 meters(7.2 feet), of course we can provide customizatio of the height, which means we could produce the body scale higher or shorter, while we are factories, so we need a quantity to produce, normally the MOQ for this customization is 20 sets.

As for the apperance, our digital height weight scale utilize the alluminum extrusion stretching material, the paint color will comply with PANTONE number, our default color is PANTONE CI GY 1 PC, you could require other colors but must be with quantity at least 50 sets or above.

  • Our height weight scales are made in China, we have our own R&D department, and complete local supply chain than the manufacturer in India, Japan, Spain, or United States
  • Our height wieght scales are more economical with good quality, this will enable you to gain greater competitiveness in your market.
  • Our height weight scales are exported to the America, Europe, Asia and Australia, we have established a mature sales and after-sales system in the height weight scale market.
  • We have passed ISO13485, CFDA, CE certificates, and also got the medical electrical equipment test report, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2.

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