Distributor Requirements

Welcome To Be Our Distributor

Welcome to visit our website, thanks for your interest to be a distributor of iDoctorcloud. Here you can visit our products.

Our business is really relying on the global distributors in different countries because our products are mainly suitable for government facilities and providing medical services for the public, which means  it is better you are familiar with the cooperation with your local government and authorities, such as how to start a tender, how to present to the authorities, how to setup the budgets etc.

If you are a telehealth solution provider for your local medical industry but not focusing on the government tenders, you are welcome to discuss with us, because this market is also very big but need your more efforts, we would love to provide you support.

How To Be Our Distributor

Step1, you are required to let us know your company profile

Including company history, sales team, main market, some customers are specialized in hospitals, health care centers, while some are in public service industry, or some are specialized in gyms and pharmacies, each specific market is very targeted but could be a huge market, let us know more about you will definitely help our mutual understaning.

Step2, please buy our samples and make presentation to your local customers

In the process of first sample integration and presentation, we could both understand each other’s management and development on the market.

step3, we need to discuss about the sales plan

We would sign a contract to define each party’s obiligations and responsibilities which the valid period is for the 6 months, after this 6-month contract being over, we will evaluate both of our performance and determine if we should continue or in which way we should continue.

How To Be Exclusive Distributor In Your Area?

If you require to be an exclusive distributor in your area, please give us more details which is required in our first step, mostly we will specific an industry or areas for you.

Because it is hard for one company to cover all the industries in one entire country, we encourage you to focus on one specific market and will authorize you as the exclusive distributor in your specific market.