D100: Portable Health Kiosk

Glance of the portable health kiosk

Mobile health kiosk is integrated with vital signs, mental health and multiple chronic diseases examinations, it stores all the examination results automatically, the data can be shared with hospital information system, or other healthcare platform, the patients could receive the report via email.

portable health kiosk

Basic functions:

Mobile clinics health checkup kiosk is a tool for primary health screenings, it includes vital signs, chronic diseases, such as glucose & uric acid tests, urine test(11 or 14 items), mental health, otolarynscope, stethoscope, ultrasound scan etc.

The health checkup data can be sent to cloud to connect with Electronic Medical Record, and for other big data analysis, such as local public health monitoring, insurance companies.

The automatic data transferring and storage liberate nurses from daily routine physical work and avoid manual mistakes, or missing data due to busy and forget to fill the form, all data is recorded digitally, automatically, correctly and completely.

Functions of portable health kiosk

Vital signs

Blood test

Video- sound record

Psychological assessment

  • Depression test
  • Anxiety test

Urine routine(11 items or 14 items)

11 items

  • Leukocytes (LEU)
  • Urobilinogen (UBG)
  • pH
  • Specific-Gravity (SG)
  • Bilirubin (BIL)
  • Ketone (KET)
  • Protein (PRO)
  • Occult Blood (BLD)
  • Vitamin C (VC)
  • Glucose (GLU)

+3 items

  • Microalbuminuria
  • Calcium
  • Creatinine Serum

Applications of Portable Health Kiosk

The portable health kiosk could be used in hospitals, mobile clinics, rural clinics, health providers, home visit doctors, the portable health kiosk achieves mobile screening purpose and offer biggest convenience for residence to have health check and seeing a doctor online, which will dramatically widen the areas of primary health care and can build up the chronic disease monitoring network accross the country.

  • The public could have convenient health checkups at any time nearby where they live or work.
  • People don’t need to wait for too long to have the results after health checkup
  • All the record can be digitalized and archived in electronic medical record
  • All the health data can be stored as a life time record so each person could have a life time health tracking archive
  • The doctors can easily have diagnosis based on the health checkup results.
  • Patients and doctors could save lots of time and efforts on the transportation and waiting in the queue rooms.

The health checkup results can be categorized and aggregated to divide into different disease patient, so each disease’s patient could be cleary calculated under age, gender, occupatioin, ethnicity, etc.

The local department of health and government could have much clearer vision about public health condition and development trend, so it could understand how to adjust and setup health and medical policies and investment for needed people.

Data type: numeric value & non-numeric value

All the results are divided into two types, numeric and non-numeric values.

Numeric values include: Height, weight, temperature, SPO2, blood pressure, glucose, uric acid, hemoglobin, lipidprotein, HbA1C.
Non-numeric values include: ECG, Sonography, otoscope, dermatoscope, Stethosocpe, psychological assessment

Log-in options:

  • Mobile number
  • Identification card
  • Email address
  • QR/Bar code

Conveniences Of Mobile Clincs Health Check Kiosk

1. 360 rotating wheels, telescopic handels, power charge socket

360 rotating wheels & two handels
Telescopic handel
Power charge socket

2. Wireless communication

All devices are bluetooth or WIFI connection

3. Data automation

All data is stored and transferred to server automatically

4. Psychological assessment

Zung self-rating depression scale
Self rating anxiety scale
Psychological age scale
The elderly depression scale

5. SDK is ready

SDK is ready for integration with other platform

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