Telemedicine equipment

What is healthcare kiosk customization?

Healthcare kiosk customization is a process of a new healthcare kiosk development based on a concept from the customers, such as beautiful appearance, new functions, structure, Telemedicine equipment

if you want to find a qualified manufacturer to provide you a customized health kiosk, you have come to the right place, we are experienced manufacture with our own software and hardware development team and we are located in Shenzhen of China, most famous because it is the heart of the electronic and software center of China.

Today, medical care is very demanding on the resources of a hospital or clinic. You need to have all the right equipment and skill sets in order to provide high-quality care to every patient.

Our advantages

  • We have complete supply chain from components to the finished product
  • We can source most of the medical equipment with CE certificate in China
  • We are experienced in the healthcare kiosk industry
  • Good understanding and communication is also our outstanding ability
  • We 100% emphasize the after service as one of our important responsibility
  • We have experienced software and hardware engineers who can integrate, calibrate, debug the system during the whole development process
  • We can answer any technical questions in the project
  • We keep growing because more and more customers begin to cooperate with us
  • We keep invest in the R&D and production technology to increase our competitiveness by 10% net profit every year

How to develop a health kiosk?

  • Tell us the concept of the health kiosk which you want to develop
  • Give us the draft of your wanted appearance
  • List the functions you want
  • Tell us the quantity
  • We will evaluate your project
  • We will send you a quotation
  • Start the job(Report for each step)
  • Test and delivery

P.S We are not an assemble factory, we are a system integration & development company, includes: design, sourcing, testing, integration, debugging, model sample construction, adjustment, testing, small batch production, market testing, upgrade & improvement, bulk production.