POCT analyzer

Brief introduction

POCT analyzer is operated by connection with iDoctorCloud health kiosk.

The POCT Analyzer is intended to be used with compatible reagent kits in laboratories of medical institutions and clinical departments. It is suitable for the automatically and quantitatively detection of the biochemical, coagulation and other physiological indicators in whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and other samples (in vitro diagnostic use only). It is intended to be used by professional users for near patient testing or laboratory testing as an aid of diagnosis related disease.

By health kiosk Technology, POCT test results could be collected to iDoctorCloud platform and aggregate for transferring to server(or cloud) automatically.

No.Reagent CardsParametersMethodologySpecimenVolumeTime
1HbA1cHbA1CBoric Acid Affinity Liquid ChromatographyWhole blood5μl3min
2Diabetes MellitusGlu, GAEnzymatic methodSerum150μl9min
3Diabetes Mellitus II1,5-AGEnzymatic methodSerum150μl11min
4ACRmALB, Ucr,
Fluorescence / Benedict-Behre methodUrine150μl10min
5InflammationFR-CRPLatex immunoturbidimetrySerum150μl8min
6Inflammation IIFR-CRP, SAALatex immunoturbidimetrySerum150μl9min
7Liver FunctionALT, AST, Tbil, AlbRate method / end-point methodSerum150μl12min
8Liver Function IID-bil, TP, ALP, GGTEnd-point method/rate methodSerum150μl13min
9Renal FunctionUrea, Crea, UAEnzymatic kinetic method / end-point methodSerum150μl10min
10Renal Function II β2-MG, Cys-CLatex immunoturbidimetrySerum150μl12min
11Blood LipidTC, TG, HDL, LDL-CEnzymatic methodSerum150μl12min
12Chronic disease screeningGlu, HCY, UA, LDL-CEnzymatic methodSerum150μl12min
13Myocardial EnzymeCK, CK-MB, LDH, α-HBDHRate methodSerum150μl14min
14Digestive System ScreeningTBA, CHE, α-AMYRate methodSerum150μl10min
15CoagulationPT, APTT, TT, FIB, INRClotting methodPlasma400μl15min
16Prothrombin time/INRPT, INRClotting methodPlasma150μl12min

Equal to laboratory and clinical tests

16 Cartridges, 37 Parameters covering most of the inspection items of the primary health institutions, and the test results can be quickly obtained within 3-15 minutes