Coin Operated Height Weight Scale

Coin Operated Height Weight Scale Wholesale

CB is a kind of height weight scale, iDoctorcloud wholesale 4 kinds of height weight scales, each design has its advantages, of course, as a manufacturer, we also provide your customization.

sk-cb coin-operated height weight scale
  • Ultrasonic height sensor for height measurement
  • Accurate weight sensor with deviation at ±100g
  • Coin acceptor for log in options
  • Automatic BMI calculation
  • LED display for clear information
  • Inbuilt printer with automatic result ticket print and cut
  • Voice announcement
  • Two working mode: Automatic measurement, Wireless remote control measurement


  1. Industrial design of the machine
  2. MCU board with expandable functions
  3. High efficiency measurement at 400 people/hour
  4. Output port of RS232 allowing data transferring
  5. OEM/ODM available(depends on the order)


measurement note

This height weight with BMI scale is coin operated, a note will be printed showing your measurements after the measurement. Here is measured data ticket:

The coin operated height weight scale is more accurate scale applied in hospital, clinic, heath center for body examinations, it utilizes ultrasound to detect body height and weighing sensor for body weight, no any manual operation is needed during the process, so it is quite efficient health check equipment for large amount of people during the body examination.

Perfectly applicated in hospitals, clinics, gymnasiums, healthcare centers, schools and universities.

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