SK-X60D: Self service health checkup kiosk


SK-X60HD is a SONKA-MEDICAL tool for self service health screening, which includes height, weight, BMI, body fat analysis, temperature, blood oxygen, it is all-in-one service with fast measurement.

Widely applied in: 

  • Shopping malls
  • Companies
  • Health centers
  • Residence communities
  • Retirement centers
  • Schools
  • Army bases

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SK-X60 Self service health check up kiosk


  • 21 inches touch LCD screen
  • Ultrasonic height probe(From USA)
  • Height range: 70-200cm(±0.1cm)
  • Weight range: 20-300kg(±0.1kg)
  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure monitor(Medical device with CE certificate)
  • Body composition measurement
  • Support internet connection
  • Built-in ticket printer
  • OEM/ODM accepted
  • Multiple languages support

The system allows the owner to manage the health screening revenue by a prepaid management software.

In this software, each people will be registered an IC card or his fingerprint, and he need to charge his private account to a sum of value, such as 100.00USD.

Once he shows his card or press the fingerprint on the machine, his balance will be deduct one time and he could take one time health examination, until his balance is deducted to not enough for one time, he has to go to charge once again, by this means, the owner of the health center can manage the machine in an efficient and safe way to gurantee his revenue.

How Health kiosk work with charge system

Comparison between X80TH and X60HD

  X80TH X60HD
Applied in Vending industry Health care & clinics
Applied in Vending industry Health care & clinics
OS PCB control board Win 10 computer
Appearance Middle class High class
Blood Pressure Monitor Home use Medical use
Accuracy of BP ±10% ±3%
BP Bracket Manual Electric control
Circumference of Cuff <32cm <42cm
Screen Size 10 inches 21 inches
Screen Resolution 800*600 1980*1080
Video Advertisement No Yes
Body Composition Analysis Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes
Blood Oxygen Customized Yes
Residence Card No Yes
QR Code No Yes
Database No MySQL database
Thermal Printer 56mm 56mm or 80mm
A4 Report Customized Yes
Program Update Hard: by programer
Easy:by internet
Work with HIS Customized Yes
API support Yes Yes
Customization Hard Easy
Certificate CE CE

Log in methods(click for more information):

  • IC card/keyfob
  • Coin acceptor
  • QR/Bar code reader
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Mobile numbe

Comparison between X80TH and X60:


Yes, this is done by your side software, you setup the free duration for a specific user, each time when the users want to process the measurements the machine will check his validity, if he has the free access authorization then he can take free measurement, all these are determined by both of our software handshaking process. 

Yes, it is possible, we could add coin acceptor, we have three options: game coin, one single value coin, multiple value coins recognition, so please specify your demand with our sales manager. 

They need to be in same LAN network, and a host in the network, all data and card information are stored in the host.

If you need a remote center for charge over the internet, please consult with us for more inromation. 

These can be done, but this means it needs someone assistance beside the machine, because the people cannot have blood test on themselves.

Yes, we could send you the files and you translate and record Spanish voice and send back to us, we will replace the Spanish version before delivery.

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