IC Card & Keyfob For Health Check Kiosk

Specification Of IC Card & Keyfob

On this page, all cards/key fobs are inbuilt with TK4100 chip(ISO10536, Frequency at 125KHz), we are talking about the same inbuilt chip with different external appearance, which are suitable for log in iDoctorcloud health check kiosks.

  • Frequency : 125KHz
  • Protocol : ISO10536 (125KHz, EM4100 Compatible)
  • Inbuilt chip: TK4100
  • Unique ID : 40bits

Images Of IC Card & Keyfob

Price Of IC Card & Keyfob

Card TypeNet WeightMOQPrice
Clam shell card, matte surface(PVC)6gram/Pcs200PCS$0.3/PCS
Flat milk white card, shiny surface(PVC)5gram/PCS200PCS$0.35/PCS
Surface print card500PCS$0.48/PCS
Card without ring8gram/PCS200PCS$0.5/PCS

Surface print: Silk print with template (source file is needed), colors are suggested to be less than or equal to three, more colors will have additional cost, series of sequence number can be printed, such as: 00001, 00002,,,,,,, 99999

Key Fob: The key fob can be placed on a key ring to avoid loss.