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About iDoctorCloud

iDoctorCloud is a high reputation international manufacturer of Telemedicine and health check kiosk in China,  we focus on health examination machines and integrated solutions, and health management APP and Cloud health condition monitoring system. 

Hot: To fight against Covid-19 virus global pandemic, we provide a series of Covid-19 related products for handling the situation of health screening and hygiene.

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What’s the Benefits Of Telemedicine Kiosks?​

  • The kiosk examines the patient and has the results
  • It records all the history of medical examination of the patient
  • Doctor can have online chat with the patient
  • Doctor can prescribe the medicine to the patient
  • No limit for the places of the patients and doctors
  • High efficiency for patients and doctors
  • Improving the wellbeing of the public
  • Big data of the public health can be analyzed
  • Local government could adjust their medical policy accordingly

Why iDoctorcloud

What They Are Saying?

We have cooperated with many Chinese suppliers, you are the only one who give us best experience, we have big projects and we need you as our long term business partner. 
Juan Camilo Muriel​

I am the owner of a 60-years israel company and I have good vision on iDoctorcloud’s product, I believe they will help us to win the main market in our areas.

We’ve been working with iDoctorcloud for three years, and iDoctorcloud is willing to listen to us and know how to solve problems in the fastest and most professional way.

How Does Health Kiosk Serve The Public Health?​

iDoctorcloud provides a public health monitoring software, it could collect all the data from iDoctorcloud multifunctional health ATM screening check points.

So by this software, your local government could know the general health condition of all the public people’s, this information must be accurate and stored as history data of each person, and this could help government to make new decision on future medical investment and provide professional training courses for needed people.

iDoctorcloud APP also helps people to track his own personal health history, iDoctorcloud health check solution includes height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, hemoglobin, urine etc.

By continuing health data and receiving health advice, people could realize his health condition and adjust his living behaviour. 

In additon, iDoctorcloud APP could provide health and food advice after receiving the people’s health data and finishing the analyze, this health and food advice could accompany you for life time if you continue to have health checkups on any one of iDoctorcloud check points.

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