Importance Of Health Check Kiosk.

Why Health Kiosk Is Important?

According to a report of WHO, chronic diseases is the main cause of death, which accounts for 70% of global mortality, and most of the people died because of not receiving effective health care service and not able to take long time regular health checkup as disease monitoring and early prevention measure to protect his/her health. Importance Of Health Check Kiosk.

That’s why health kiosk technology can bring us the future of medical care service, and we need to build up a cost-effective health screening system and reliable telemedicine system for the public.

What is health kiosk

health kiosk is a health care station which is to integrate different medical examinations in one computer system, this medical health kiosk is interactive, easy to operate, mainly focusing on chronic diseases examinations, and digitally record health checkup results for a long time health track and telemedicine consultation or big data aggregation, the purpose of the health kiosk is to find a cost-effective solution that provides one station medical diagnosis service for the public in a most convenient way.

Medical Health Care Conditions Of Many Areas Are Still Poor

In most of the areas, the medical service situations are not optimistic, rural or mountain areas are worse because of lacking general practitioners and medical equipment, especially the young graduate doctors are not willing to return to their hometowns so this makes the slow-developed areas’ health care service falling far behind the developed cities, in many slow-developed areas, many people are not easy to receive regular health screening, the local government lacks enough medical resources and has less health care system to improve the health condition of the public.

On the other hand, the public doesn’t have the conveniences to take health care because of long-distance transportation, expensive medical expenditure to see a doctor, these are problems for most of the areas.

See a medical reform report of China(Situation before 2000)

What a health kiosk can do

How Health checkup kiosk processes

Have you ever noticed patients need to go to lots of places to take medical checkups and takes a long time to finish the whole process? while health kiosk is easy for everyone, people just come to one station and finish the medical checkup under the assistance of a nurse, and the system digitally stores all the health results in a database for later diagnosis, so we can transfer, organize, categorize, and analyze this computerized health data online easily. Importance Of Health Check Kiosk.

When this data connect with the EMR system, the ministry of health can monitor the patients’ health condition and provide more health service based on accurate health data, as you can imagine, by health kiosk, everyone would be happy because this can dramatically improve the efficiency of diagnosis compared with the diagnosis by face-to-face, government, doctors, patients, everyone’s benefit would be massively taken care.

Telemedicine Kiosk Is Future of Primary Health Care Service

After the Covid-19 outbreak, seeing a doctor is a big problem for the public because there are still other patients who need to be taken care of and people still need to go to hospitals to see a doctor, people would have high risks and high worries to get infected after going to a hospital(previously no Covid problem but getting trouble after seeing a doctor), to avoid cross-infection, in a long term, virtual online medical diagnosis is a perfect solution to avoid above mentioned potential infection danger.

Government’s Responsibility For Public Primary Health Care

Another advantage is that the governments deploy hundreds of health check kiosks and they can collect all the health data in this area, the health information is very valuable because it provides a clear vision for the government to analyze accurate data for different disease patients and take actions accordingly, such as medical facilities investment, health training, telemedicine service, medical referral etc.

A health condition improvement is a reflection of a government management ability and it strongly influences the wellness of the local public, and healthy people form healthy family, healthy families form healthy areas, healthy areas form a healthy country, a healthy country can dedicate to its own economic growth obviously. Importance Of Health Check Kiosk.

Telemedicine kiosk will be everywhere

The most important thing is that the people can take the medical examinations everywhere, the patient could make an appointment with a doctor and have video chat by health station or APP without the trouble of long-distance of transportation, this could dramatically save a large amount of time both for doctors and patients.

What would be future telemedicine kiosks doing? In the future, there would be telemedicine kiosks everywhere, people are convenient to take medical examinations nearby their communities, offices, or other convenient places, and easy to book an appointment with a doctor, buy medicines, and get health advice and improvement by a smart health tracking system. The doctors can easily understand patients’ health conditions by this early disease detection system and give more accurate health prescriptions or advice. AI deep learning could utilize the data and create more scientific research achievements for better public life quality. Importance Of Health Check Kiosk.

Health Kiosks Can Expand Functions

Except for basic vital signs, urine routine, blood test, we could add more measurements such as Digital stethoscope, Fundus camera, Ultrasound scan, Dertomascope, Bone density analyzer, Hematology analyzer, ECG/EKG(electrocardiograph) etc, customization demands is available.

Main competitors on market

There are many different suppliers on market, such as walmart blood pressure kiosk, Higi, Pusuant, Wellpoint, NHS, Alliance, Solo, CVS, Connecxtion, DR Carrot, Pulse, SA, Yolo, Priceline, CBAA, Rexcall, AHA, Arogyam, nuffield, howard, Athena, Cardinal, 365, Barwon, CTS, UW, Religare, UPMC, VECNA, Healthgenie, Pharmasmart, Sawyam, Priceline, Walgreens, and IDoctorcloud.

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