The History Of Face Recognition Temperature Screening Device

The face recognition temperature scanner is a new concept which adapt to Covid-19 corona virus pandemic which appeared in early of 2020.

The first edition of this device is mainly for face recognition and identification access control, the face recognition algorithm in China mainly are developed from SenseTime, MegVii and Eeasytech who are focusing on the algorithm research and developemt, in the December of 2019, the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (Nist) tested 189 algorithms from 99 developers, including Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Chinese firms, including SenseTime, MegVii, Eeasytech, most of the suppliers are proved to identity the white, yellow people better than black people, including our algorithm supplier, Eeasytech, but most of the suppliers including IBM, Microsoft cannot guarantee 100 accuracy, especially for adult black women age between 30s to 50s(accurate rate at about 70).(Source:

The second important function is thermal imaging probe, which indeed is a thermopile sensor which convert the thermal energy into electrical energy, and by algorithm it can convert to temperature result based on electrical energy change on each pixel, iDoctorCloud’s supplier is Heimann  from Germany , thanks to its 32*32 array design, the accuracy could reach to ±0.3℃(

The thermopile sensor’s price increases sharply since the Covid-19 outbreaks in early of 2020, which dramatically influence the supply and price change on the final product: Face recognition temperature screen device, with the pandemic passes, the price will return to normal and supply will be enough of stock.

The third function is the living body detection, by inbuilt SOC image processor(GC2145) and IR camera with resolution at 1616*1232, the device will detect if it is living body or a picture or a video before its next steps, so it is a prevention of fraud images or videos.

The fourth function is the firmware development in the embedded system, which is based on C language code editing, we develop the firmware and keep updating based on customer demands, on the other hand, we also provide API for third party platform integration, because this device is a standalone and need the data to be transferred to backend for real time monitoring.

Supplement Material

Eeasytech(, is actually a China based company which is focusing on Artificial intelligence technology, which is an AI dedicated company who obtained venture capital from Intel and JIC group, the founder of Eeasy, Dr. Feng Chen, was engineer founder of two listed company previously, Actions-semi(NASDAQ: ACTS) and Allwinner(SZ: 300458), Dr. Chen has dedicated and focused on image, display, process technology for twenty years.

iDoctorCloud(https://idoctorcloud.comis a start-up company who focus on the technology sourcing and R&D team work(Java, Python, C, C# and controller), our strategy is to combine matured technologies and make them alive on market as quickly as we can, the founder of iDoctorCloud, Mr. Jialian Huang, has more than 20 years experience in security industry, health care industry and product development management, as the leader of the company ,Mr. Huang listens to customers voice carefully and know how to quickly adapt to the market and provide most suitable products, his previous main achievements are: Automatic payment machine, Health diagnosis kiosk.

What Does Our Customer Say

There are many competitors on market but most of them cannot work with backend platform well and only can work standalone, which we think it is not secure enough and not competitive for Covid-19 prevention, we compared some models on market and find iDoctorCloud can serve us in professional manner and give us a big support.

By Dr, David Khoo, iHealthMedical, Malaysia.

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