How To Buy Telemedicine Kiosk?

If you are going to buy telemedicine kiosk or health kiosk, you have come to the right place: How does it work? what functions can the machine achieve?

should you know before purchasing?

What is telemedicine kiosk?

Telemedicine kiosk, by definition, it is a machine that allows the physician to remotely connect with patients through dialogue and help patients check up, and provide diagnosis and prescription for the patients.

What can a telemedicine kiosk do?

First of all, it can help people to have fast health screenings, It handles various health checkups, mainly chronic diseases, such as, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or obesity, It is “fast” because in general it takes about 3 to 15 minutes for the whole health examination process, which is much faster than traditional health checkup process. In the traditional way, a patient needs to go to many places and waits for 1 or 2 weeks to obtain the results. How To Buy Telemedicine Kiosk?

The measurements could include:

Obesity Index

Body Mass Index
Waist Hip Ratio
Waist Hip Ratio

Body Compostion

Muscle Mass
Body Fat
Extracellular fluid
Extracellular Fluid
Intracellular fluid
Intracellular Fluid
Basal Metabolism
Basal Metabolism
Body Age
Body Age
Body water
Body water

Chronic Disease Index

Blood Test

Additional Index

Mental Health Assessment
Mental Health Assessment

Secondly, it provides an interactive touch screen for people to have quick and convenient health examination, the software is turn-on to use, easily understood and operated

Thirdly, it can be located everywhere, such as the offices, residential communities, clinics, government organizations, prisons, schools, whereever you can think of, it can be located just for the convenience of people to take health checkup regularly or at any time. How To Buy Telemedicine Kiosk?

Can the telemedicine kiosk work properly?

Our device includes:

  • We have ISO13485 standard
  • All components are CE or NMPA(It was CFDA previously) certificates
  • We can provide clinical evaluation reports
  • We provide Free Sales Certificate.

How do I choose a health kiosk?

If you want it to be self-service without headache to understand complicated processes, you could choose self-service health care kiosk(Click here), because it only measures the vital signs: Blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, obesity, and easy to operate and understand.

If you need to monitor chronic diseases of the people as much as possible, such as ECG, blood test, urine routine, psychology, you can choose our multiple measurement health kiosk(Click here)

If you need a moveable device, which is convenient for mobile clinic or home visit doctor, or rural area health screenings, you may choose mobile clinic health check station(Click here)

If you need customization on the health kiosk, such as you are in Africa and you want to test blood to check Malaria, Dengue, Chikunganya, Hepatitis, please don’t hesitate to contact us

What do I need to know before buying a health kiosk?

Log-in mode options: How To Buy Telemedicine Kiosk?

  • Mobile number+verification code
  • Email address
  • QR code(Work with health APP)
  • Identification card(You need to provide API)
  • Insurance card(You need to provide API)
  • Coin acceptor
  • RFID card(Smart card)

Where can you use this health kiosk?

If you need the health data for automatic process?

In most of cases, you will need this health data, for your local HIS, EMR system, or health screening purpose, the data can be stored locally or send to the cloud server, in this case, we could provide you SDK for data integration, the data is transferring by HTTP or HIPPA protocol, generally speaking, data integration can dramatically increase the efficiency of health screening and avoid human-made mistakes.

How do I choose a telemedicine kiosk supplier?

Now we are on the same track, if you are end-users, perhaps you should consider buying from one of our distributors because of the future maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for local distributor information.

If you want to be our distributor, then you can talk with us for more details, such as functions, certificates, technical documents, price of distributors, maintenance, and compare the functions between each different brand on the market, we welcome competition because competition makes us grow and keep developing and releasing best products for the market.

Another important issue is good communication, at least this is serious technology, and it still needs lots of software operation, and function customization, or localization to your market, talking with a professional expert could save lots of your efforts to land the product to your market successfully and quickly, time is precious, no customer prefer to wait for a long time after asking you a simple question or need you to solve a small problem.

How much would be the telemedicine kiosk?

Please don’t think of this question easily, because the cost is related to the functions, more functions you need, more budget you need to plan, of course, it is still very economic compared with buying different medical equipment separately, the other reason is the consumables, such as the test strips, the final cost is different if you buy for 100 and 10,000 people, so please talk with us and prepare more information to let us understand your demand quickly and clearly.

Knowing the market well, our solution will be the best, why? because iDoctorCloud is familiar with every aspect during R&D development, and before the job starts, we carefully choose CPU chips and preserve I/O ports because we must consider future expansion possibilities, we hire best engineers in our engineer team, there is a famous saying in our industry in China, most expensive talented people is the lowest cost for the company.

We know how to control the cost, from the beginning design, such as material consideration, internal structure, because the complicated structure will increase the cost dramatically, that’s why we finalize our work very carefully after comprehensive discussion, our system has flexibility for expansion in future, which means we don’t have to waste time to upgrade our system for too long time.

So generally speaking, you will not disappointed about the cost after discussing with us, keep in mind please, we are the best manufacturer with self-motivated R&D capability.

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