Self Service Health Kiosk for healthcare

What is Health Kiosk?

Health kiosk is an interactive healthcare facility for patients or employees to have self health examination in hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, or in corporations, it mainly output vital metrics, the data can be automatically uploaded to EMR, hospital information system, or other wellbeing cloud platform, it empowers telehealth service for people in remote regions wherever he lives, additionally, it can also have behaviour or mental health evaluation which can monitor more potential health risks, so more chronic diseases can be tracked by healthcare kiosks.Healthcare kiosk for telemedicine

It can measure height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, body composition(body fat, body water, bone mass, basal metabolism), temperature, blood oxygen(SPO2), glucose, and uric(Optional)

Features of self-service health kiosk

Health Kiosk
  • Android 8.1,
  • Provided with ACCURATE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT(click here)
  • Login: Email, Mobile No, QR code(click here), IC card or customized(Click here)
  • FAST AND FRIENDLY USE(Total 3-5 minutes)
  • Large 21 inches touch screen
  • Advertisement video play(1080*630)(Optional)
  • Foldable body for easy installation
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Large cuff for big arm test(Know the features)
  • Support A4 printer
  • Support internet & WIFI
  • Support SIM card for 3G/4G/5G(Optional)
  • SDK IS READY FOR INTEGRATION with electronic medical records

Roles of health kiosk

  • Replace nurses’ manual operation work
  • Streamline the health evaluation process of the examinee
  • Empower self service health screening
  • Employees’ digital healthcare
  • Connection with EMR(Electric Medical Record)

Benefits of health kiosk

  • Empower efficiency of hospitals and clinics
  • Release burden of nurses and patients
  • Healthcare screening accessible everywhere
  • Health data automatic upload to EMR(Electric Medical Record)
  • Increase wellbeing for employee & patients
  • Customize health kiosk for various of demands

Who we are?

We are a China medical device manufacturer, we self design, program, produce health kiosks, certified with ISO13485, most components are medical devices with MEDICAL CEs certification and clinical evaluation reports, we have source code and source scheme of the system, so we could also provide customization ODM, or OEM, integration by SDK, API are all available.

Our marketing director has strong background of R&D, so we have good knowledge about the industry and product development, highly efficient communication shorten the gap between engineers and market, so we could quickly adapt to the market and provide solutions which can fulfil the requirements of customers.

Healthcare kiosk for telehealth

Video of health kiosk

Health report ticket
Health report ticket
  • Date & Time
  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI(Body mass index)
  • Systolic blood pressure
  • Diastolic blood pressure
  • Pulse rate
  • Oxygen saturation percentage
  • Temperature
  • Glucose(Optional)
  • Uric acid(Optional)
  • Body composition index
  • Body fat mass
  • Basal metabolism
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Visceral fat level
  • Extracellular fluid
  • Intracellular fluid
  • Total water
  • Protein
  • Inorganic salts
  • Overall body rating

Blood pressure monitor with big cuff tunnel

A tunnel cuff is convenient for people to take blood pressure measurements, while the small circumference is tight for big arm, see below image(iDoctorCloud blood pressure kiosk circumference is 42 cm which is much larger than other brands on the market), click here to know the comparison between iDoctorCloud and other blood pressure kiosk.

Comparison between different blood pressure monitors
Comparison between different blood pressure monitors

Sit or Stand Option for blood pressure kiosk

Considering different health screening standards for properly measure the blood pressure index, iDoctorCloud blood pressure kiosk is installed on a rack that is UP & DOWN controlled by an electronic motor, so the customer can simply press a button and choose to stand or sit gesture to take the blood pressure examination(see above video).

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Main functions of health kiosk

Height sensorMilitary-grade probe, imported from the U.S, non-contact ultrasound sensor
Weight sensorDigital Resistance
BMIBody mass index

The BMI is defined as the body weight in kg divided by the body height in the square meters, it indicates how your body weight status is, such as normal or obesity, if it is over the normal range then you should be aware to decrease or increase your body weight(click here to know more about BMI).

BMI=Body weight(kg)/height(m2)
BMI is an index to reflect if a person is standard weight or overweight or underweight.
Standard from WHO:

BMINutritional status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5–24.9Normal weight
30.0–34.9Obesity class I
35.0–39.9Obesity class II
Above 40Obesity class III

Body composition measurements include:

  • Body fat mass
  • Basal metabolism
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Visceral fat level
  • Extracellular fluid
  • Intracellular fluid
  • Total water
  • Protein
  • Inorganic salts
  • Body age
  • Overall rating
ImageSphygmomanometer Click the image to know more
Blood pressure range(0~270)mmHg,[(0~36)Kpa]
Pulse40 ~180 times/min
AccuracyBlood pressure: <±2mmHg(±0.267kpa)
Pulse: <±2%
Environment temperature5℃~40℃
ProtectionI type, B Class
Arm circumference17-42cm
Wave lengthred light: 6663m, infrared light: 890nm
Blood pressure sensorDouble wave LED

Test methodInfrared handheld thermometer
Accuracy0.1 ℃
PowerDC 9V
Power consumption≤120mw
Test distance5 – 8 cm
Auto turn off10-15 seconds

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ImageSPO2 meter
Power of maximum light output≤2mW
Environment temperature5℃~40℃
Relative humidity15%~95%

Detailed page

ImageGlucose & Uric acide meter Click the image to know more
Volume for blood glucose0.6μL
Volume for uric acid3μL
Sample typeCapillary whole blood, Venous whole blood
CalibrationPlasma equivalent
Measuring time for blood glucose5±1s
Measuring time for uric acid25±1s
Storage/transportation conditions-20℃~55℃
WeightAbout 100g
Power source3V DC, 10mA, 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Battery lifeperform up to 1,000 tests
Memory500 blood glucose test results with date and time
100 blood glucose control solution test results with date and time
100 uric acid test results with date and time
100 uric acid control solution test results with date and time
Condition for blood glucose10 ℃~35℃, RH≤80%
Condition for uric acid15 ℃~35℃, RH≤80%
Measurement units for blood glucosemg/dL or mmol/L
Measurement units for uric acidmg/dL or μmol/L
Measurement range for blood glucose20~600 mg/dL or 1.1~33.3 mmol/L
Measurement range for uric acid3.0~20.0 mg/dL or 181~1188 μmol/L

Accuracy: 95% test result of glucose meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeBias%
<5.5mmol/L(100mg/dL)Within ±0.83mmol/L(±15mg/dL)
≥5.5mmol/L(100mg/dL)Within ±15%

Accuracy: 95% test result of uric acid meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeBias%

Precision: Test result of glucose meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeRequirement

Precision: Test result of uric acid meet the requirement below:

Concentration RangeRequirement

Customization of health kiosk

An embedded camera, which could be activated as a video chat camera for online telemedicine, it helps the customer and doctor to experience a friendly environment and helps them more interaction and having more trust in each other.

Advertisement video, it supports advertisement video playing when the screen is not in operation, the size is 1080*630, this feature makes the kiosk more functions which can bring more benefits to the owner of the health kiosk.

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How does QR code scanner work with health kiosk

QR code is unique for each person which is created by the APP and bound with his personal inforamtion.

The QR code contains personal information so it can be identified quickly and it also can dramatically reduce the time of information input and mistakes of manual input.

For third-party telemedicine platform, the APP program is suggested to create a unique QR code for each member, his/her QR code will be parsed as a personal identification number, so the health data can be stored according to different QR code, when health data is transferred to the server with QR code, the backend can clearly store different people’s health record according to his QR code/Mobile number.

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How To Use Self-Service Health Kiosk/blood pressure kiosk

Step 1, Check-in, you need to input your mobile phone number, or email address, or scan your QR code of health APP(third party), or scan your identification card, or social insurance card, which is to start the operation, there are voice prompts during the whole process of measurements.

Step 2, height & weight, stand on the platform, the machine will automatically measure your height and weight(by the inbuilt ultrasound probe and load cell), then it calculates your BMI(body mass index), and reminds you if you are normal weight or overweight, the duration is about 5-10 seconds.

Step 3, body composition analysis, keep standing and using your two hands to hold the metal handles on the two sides of the machine, the duration is about 30-40 seconds to have the result.

Step 4, temperature, hold the thermometer and test your forehead temperature, ensure no hat or hair in front of your forehead, the duration is about 1 second.

Healthcare kiosk for telemedicine

Step 5, blood oxygen, insert your index fingertip into the probe of the oximeter, ensure your fingertip touching the bottom of the probe, the duration is about 10-15 seconds.

Step 6, blood pressure, insert your arm and measure your blood pressure, this blood pressure monitor rack is very friendly because it can be adjusted(by electronic motor, simply PRESS THE BUTTON to adjust its height–up & down), thanks to its rotate base foot design, you could choose to stand or sit and choose any direction which is convenient for you to have the measurement, the duration is about 45-50 seconds(notice that the customer should be reminded to stay calm at least 15 minutes before blood pressure measurement).

Step 7, Glucose & uric acid, this function is optional, because it needs a trained operator to collect the fingertip blood, the operator cleans the patient’s fingertip with an alcohol cotton swab, and collect the blood by a test strip and insert it into the glucose/uric acid meter, wait for the result displaying on the screen, the duration: Glucose-5 seconds, Uric acid-25 seconds.

Step 8, report, click “Report” button to review your health data, or click “email” to receive the report in your email address, your health data is stored locally or in the cloud server(third party), you could check your health history at any time.

Click here to see the operation video


Yes, we provide SDK, for your data integration.

It is WIFI and RJ45, for internet communication

Please contact us for details.

Yes, the software can be translated into different languages, the current language is English, we can send you the text of the software and your translation with audit, then we could add your language in the software.

Yes, it has software for the health check process, with a report of health/an email, and parameters configuration in backend, it is a turn-on to use the machine.

The telemedicine company has an APP, each APP’s member has a unique QR code after registration, when the member logs in this blood pressure kiosk by scanning his QR code, the blood pressure kiosk check his identity to accept or reject, after the health examinations all the information including his QR code can be returned to telemedicine center software, so the central software can store each report under his name according to his QR code.

Yes, it has a local database in the health kiosk, SQLite, open source tool which allows us to have as many copies as we want, please check here to understand what is SQLite: 

We Suggest not to take goods like this, without software, we cannot judge what the problem it is if the hardware doesn’t work, without the software, we cannot test the system before delivery, without the software, we will be much much trouble if you have issues with each component, our workload will be more complicated because we have to translate everything to each of our component supplier engineers, this is not worth for us, so please consider to develop your backend software only and let us finish our part of job professionally. Healthcare kiosk for telemedicine

Healthcare kiosk for telemedicine

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