Government is the leader for health kiosk network construction

Most of areas lack medical resource

As we can see, today there are still lots of areas lacking medical facilities and medical resources, doctors, so people are inconvenient to see a doctor or difficult to have regular full body checkup every year because of long distance transportation, on the other hand, most of the medical professionals are not willing to work in low developed areas, the public health condition and primary health care in these areas need dramatic improvement, because these issues are essential for local government, in short, this is foundamental for the wellbeing of the public.

Health kiosk solves the problem of short medical resources

Government is the leader for health kiosk network construction

By multiple function health checkup station, it provides chronic disease-related health checkups at one station. it doesn’t need a professional doctor but only a trained operator, the health checkup station could be everywhere, especially mountain & rural areas, or regions far away from developed cities, people could have health checkup and have an online diagnosis through telemedicine service.

Benefit for government

Health monitoring system
Health monitoring system

Health kiosks will be most beneficial after we build up the network, which means it will bring obvious advantages for all people when the health kiosk is accessible everywhere, the only role who can achieve this is the government, which has the authority to build such a system. The government could monitor the health condition of all the people in these areas, accurately knows disease severeness level and patient amount of different disease, so the government could set up or modify policies with corresponding medical investment and assistance, medical education, which will avoid big waste of public resources and improve the wellness of the people.

China’s medical reform examples

Government 5-year development strategy

Improving the wellness of the public and building health care kiosks for the public is one of the important policy in each 5-year China government development strategy, taking China’s 33 regions as an example, most of the regions have begun medical reform since the 1980s, which also includes deployment projects of health checkup kiosk since 2011, especially for the slowly-developed areas where lack medical resources(facilities and doctors), at each village in the countryside, the government requires the local hospitals and village clinics to install medical kiosk or mobile clinic health check stations which can take primary health screenings for local residents, including but not limited to vital signs, blood test, urine, body organs, psychological assessment, etc.

The government is in charge of building the health kiosk network.

Health station construction

Health station” is a name for recently constructed health care projects organized by the ministry of health of China government, the “health station” begun to appear by setting up one or a few health checkup kiosk in small clinics nearby a village, firstly it just tests vital signs, then it added more functions, such as blood test, urine test, these chronic disease-related health checkups, each resident need to register and bind his personal information together, each time when they finish the health screenings, the system will transfer the data to the server and stored under his name, which we call it personal medical record, by AI technology, the system will provide health and diet advice.

Contract doctor for personal health

“Contract doctor” is a doctor for the resident to choose as his personal health consultant, contract doctor is responsible for the residents who digitally signed a contract with him/her, he/she need to check the medical records and provide a diagnosis with prescriptions, including other health advice, such as diet, living, mood advice, contract doctor can talk with the patient by telemedicine platform.

Personal health archive

The telemedicine platform is required to set up an archive for each residence, including his identity information, previous disease history, family inherited disease history, plus his continuing health check result data, each residence should be provided long term health assistance, such as diet advice, sports activity advice, mental health guidance, each residence is encouraged to assign a home doctor so he could have an in-time medical service in an urgent situation.

Government monitor the health condition in the area

As the management center, the government need to have an overview over local public health condition, including total population amount, the total population of different diseases, different age groups or gender groups of different disease, and different patient distribution in each district(or area), the total population of different stages of a specific diseased, by this health information, the government is able to setup or adjust its health policies more accurately.

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