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WHO suggests to have early disease detection system. To detect those non communicable diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, chronic lung disease, are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. Almost three quarters of all NCD deaths, and 82% of the 16 million people who died prematurely, or before reaching 70 years of age, occur in low- and middle-income countries (report from WHO website).

That’s why health checkup station came out.

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Specification Of Health Checkup Kiosks

Telemedicine KioskD300B600K100K200D100
ImageSelf service health kioskMultiple functional health kioskfast health check Fast-health-kioskCardiovascular-health-kioskportable health check station
Main featureSelf serviceMultiple
OSWin 10Win 10Anroid 5.0Win 10Andriod 5.0
Display Screen21 inches17 inches10 inches19 inches10 inches
Screen typeTouch screenTouch screenTouch screenTouch screenTouch screen
Ads screen×××
Body composition×××
Blood pressure
ECG×12 leads×12 leads12 leads
Blood oxygen
Urine routine××××
Uric acid×××
Blood lipid××××
Mental test××××
Multiple languages
Residence cardCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomized
QR CodeSupportSupportSupportSupportSupport
Thermal Printer56mm or 80mm56mm56mm56mm56mm
A4 ReportUniversalUniversalUniversalUniversalHP
Work with HIS
API support
Program updateBy internetBy internetBy internetBy internetBy internet

Certificates Of Health Checkup Kiosks

IS0 13485 Certificate
IS0 13485 Certificate
IS0 9001 Certifiate
IS0 9001 Certifiate

Features Of Health Checkup Kiosks

research and testing health check kiosk

iDoctorcloud uses an interactive medical kiosk providing you with a seamless experience as you process the measurement steps.

Taking a Health check can take from as short as 5 minutes enables users to self-test key indicators of their general health and wellbeing and walk away with an evaluation report with a reference medical accepted standards.

The software has clear instruction for customer to operate step by step,  it can measure:

  • Blood pressure
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Blood oxygen
  • Blood sugar
  • Body temperature
  • ECG(6 leads or 12 leads)
  • Urine routine test(11 items)
  • Stethoscope
  • Otoscope/rhinoscope/larynscope
  • Ultrasound scan(B/W and color doppler)
  • Glucose/uric acid/cholestorel
  • Blood lipids/hemoglobin
  • Bone density
  • Height & weight, BMI
  • Body composition analysis
  • Psycological assessment
  • More other functions


Medical kiosk is also known as health checkup kiosk, which is an interactive and invaluable tool to check the health of your office, workforce, community, organisation or individual, also named health checkup station. These health checkup measurement data information will be automatically uploaded to the cloud for remote diagnosis by doctors. It is effectual as an early warning system for potential health problems of human body.

As technology rapidly advances, iDoctorcloud now brings remote health screenings to the public, aims to provide health screening for most of non communicable diseases(Also known as NCDs).

Modernizing medicine kiosks have many pros, it serve as primary health care screening tools, which are located across the cities, the people can go to any one of these check point to take the measurements, such as hospitals, work places, offices, schools, militaries, jail prisons, convenient shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, rural areas etc.

It combines general health screening functions, such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, ECG(electrocardiograph), oxygen saturation, blood sugar(glucose), uric acid, cholestorel, urine routine, hemoglobin, lipoprotein, psychological etc.

We published a blog of why health kiosk is important or necessary for this question. In general, there are four main points:

  1. Most People Die From Lack Of Health Screening System
  2. Medical Conditions In Rural Areas Are Even Worse
  3. Health Kiosks Help Improve Medical Efficiency
  4. Big Health Data Helps Improve The Overall Medical Level

Health kiosk originated from blood pressure kiosk, previously it is designed for public health screening in Walmart supermarket, and the functions are relatively simple, nowadays it becomes much more complex and expandable for more customization functions, the cost range could be a few thousands of USD or more, depending on the functions and entire requirements, get a quote from us.

Health kiosk is a new concept for health care industry in recent 5 years, it provides different measurements for different health management, so to understand the cost of health kiosk, maybe we need to understand how the system is built, it includes: creativity concept, measurement devices, industrial design, structure design, software development, UI design, core algorithm, customization, assemble, final test, to achieve all of these steps we need to activate all the resources that are industrial designer, manufacturer factory, software engineers, UI designers, test engineers, plus the advice from our distributors or agent.

The prices of health kiosk really depends on different modules with different measurement devices, each additional function increases the cost, such as a blood pressure monitor, it can be low cost such as home use unit, but it is not for medical use and cannot be used many times a day otherwise its result will be inaccurate, to achieve public health care purpose we choose medical level blood pressure monitor(we can provide clinical evaluation report) so this cost is higher than common kiosk(some kiosk factories compete by price so they will choose home use blood pressure monitor that’s why their price is lower than us).

For example, for a self service health kiosk, the market price is about USD8,000 to USD10,000.00, for a multiple functional health kiosk, the market price is about USD25,000.00 to USD30,000.C00 , it depends on your needed functions and quantity, this cost includes your local maintenance service, shipping cost, import tax, and some profit for the local distributor.

You can also become our distributor, please email us and let us help you make the decision.

First you need to consider the accuracy (acurate rate), without accuracy, everything you did is a waste, second, considering the production standard, health kiosk, also named telemedicine or medical kiosk, should be produced by ISO13485 standard.

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