How Does iDoctorcloud Software Work?

iDoctorcloud’s healthcare checkup stations usually have operating software built in, here is the general software operation process:

The Software With Four Parts

  • Log in(Mobile number with verification code, Identification card number, social insurance card, QR code, IC card, fingerprint, face recognition)
  • Health measurements
  • Health reports
  • Hardware and software configurations

Step1. Landing Page

Use the information below to log into the software:

Your Mobile number with verification code, Identification card number, social insurance card, QR code, IC card, fingerprint, face recognition)

Step2. Measurement Page

In the measurement pages, it provides “remeasure” button if you think the result is not correct, and it will automatically jumpt to next step after the previous measurement is finished, of couse it can return any previous tested step if you click the corresponding measurement button.

Step3. Report Page


In the report page, it can jump to another URL page which can be customer requested URL so the content of report can be easily modified by customers. It also provide a few buttons such as “email”, ”thermal ticket”, ”A4 report”, ”exit” for people to use.

Step4. Hardware And Software Configurations

We provide SDK(Software development kits, a document which describes each protocol of the data being sent) for software integration, therefore we can cooperate with IT companies, HIS system, APPs. Our software can send data after each measurement, or after all measurements being finished, by this feature your engineer could easily process for doctor diagnosis, please see a demo SDK here.

The software could be translated to different languages, so far we have translated into English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Bangla, we can translate more languages by customer assistance.

Another issue is we understand most of our customer demeans because of our years of experiences, so our normal modification and reaction speed is faster than most of our competitors, another reason is because we have very close connections and good understanding with our components suppliers, so our knowledge is not only with production but also good at communicte with cusomters and help you faster and better develop your planned systems, this is most essential for most of the companies who want to enter into the market in shortest time with less mistakes and more efficiency.

About External Printers

The machine has two types of printer: Thermal printer and A4 printer, as for thermal printer, it has two options: 56mm width and 80 width, as for A4 printer, it is universal so you can buy the A4 printer locally. As for the thermal printer, it has cutter which can cut the paper with a small joint so people can easily tear off the ticket.