Load Cell

Load Cell Device

load cell device
load cell

Load Cell Parameter

Rated Capacities60~800(kg)60~800(kg)
Rated Output2.0 mV/V±5%2.0 mV/V±5%
Zero Balance±0.0200 mV/V±0.0200 mV/V
Accuracy class ——OIML C3
Maximum number of load cell interval(nmax) ——3000
Minimum number of load cell interval(V min) ——Emax/7000
Non-linearity0.02 %R.O.0.017 %R.O.
Hysteresis0.02 %R.O.0.017 %R.O.
Repeatability0.02 %R.O.0.017 %R.O.
30mins Creep0.02 %R.O.0.017 %R.O.
30mins Return0.02 %R.O.0.017 %R.O.
Safe Overload150 %R.O.150 %R.O.
Ultimate Overload200 %R.O.200 %R.O.
Temperature Effect On Output0.002 %R.O./℃0.0015 %R.O./℃
Temperature Effect On Zero0.003 %R.O./℃0.002 %R.O./℃
Input Impedance410±15 Ω410±15 Ω
Output Impedance350±5 Ω350±5 Ω
Insulation Impedance≥5000 MΩ/(50VDC)≥5000 MΩ/(50VDC)
Recommended Excitation5~12 VDC5~12 VDC
Maximum Excitation15 VDC15 VDC
Operating Temperature Range-20~60 ℃-20~60 ℃
ConstructionAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Protection ClassIP66 / IP67IP66 / IP67
Recommended Platform Size500×600 mm;600×600 mm500×600 mm;600×600 mm

Mode of Connection: Red(EXC+),Black(EXC-),Green(SIG+),White(SIG-)