No Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

No Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Wholesale

No Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

This is a professional thermometer for measuring the forehead tempera­ture of the human body, the testing result would be different according to the status of the skin, widely used as Covid-19 medical products.

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  • Please read this user manual before switching the unit on.
  • Operating temperature is between 10°C and 40°C.
  • Please keep this product away from the things with electricity
  • Please do not put this product in the storage temperature above 50°C or below 0°C.
  • Please do not use the product in the humidity range above 85%.
  • Please keep the product away from electromagnetic range (for example radio, mobiles, and so on)
  • The product may not be exposed to the sun, close to the fire, also immersed into water.
  • Never impact or hard hit the product, don’t use it if it has been damaged.
  • The measurement value can be influenced by the sweat on the forehead, hat or scarf.
  • Make sure the measure distance is between 5cm to 8 cm.
  • For a more accurate measurement value of body temperature, when the ambient temperature changes too fast, the forehead thermometer shall be put aside for 15 to 20 minutes before the measurement.
  • When the there is sweat on the forehead or other reasons caused the abnormal body temperature, please measure the temperature after the earlobe.
  • Use the alcohol to wipe the surface lightly when the product needs to be cleaned.
  • Please make sure to remove the sweat and hair on the forehead before the measurement.
  • Use this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician.
  • Please contact our distributor when there is problem. Please don’t try to repair it by yourself
  • According to the rule from EMC, medical electronics need special predict.


  • Non 一 Contact and with a high accuracy of measurement
  • Two kinds of measurement mode election:body temperature and surface temperature
  • Exchange between °C and °F
  • Providing the function of sound notification of high body temperature
  • Capable of storing 32 sets for the latest measurement data
  • Providing the function of saving the data and auto turn off
  • Providing the function of auto selection the range, LCD display resolution :0.1 °C(0.1°F)
  • Backlight LCD digital display

Other Introductions

The product is a professional thermometer for measuring the forehead temperature of the human body. The range of the normal temperature in different measurement positions.

Measurement positionsNormal temperature°CNormal temperature °F

The body temperature changes in the different time in a day. It also can be in flue need by the other external conditions, for example ages, genders, skin colors and so on.

The range of the normal temperature in different ages

AgeNormal temperature°CNormal temperature °F


Adjusted mode32.
Direct mode29.829.936.336.536.642.742.8

Components and Form

No Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer components
  1. Infrared probe
  2. Liquid crystal display screen
  3. Mode
  4. Down
  5. Up
  6. Backlight switch
  7. Testing key
  8. Battery cover

Display Screen Describe

  1. Adjusted mode(body temperature mode)
  2. Direct mode (surface temperature mode)
  3. Result
  4. Storage
  5. Alarm signal
  6. Temperature°C / °F
  7. battery warning
  8. Checking saved data

Technical Indication

Data format solution0.1oC(0.1°F)
Ambient temperature10-40°C(50-104°F)
Storage temperature0-50°C(32-122°F)
Relative humidity585%
Storage humidity<90%
Power supplyDC9V(a 6F22 battery)
Specificati ons150x75x40mm
WeightGross 265g,net 155g
Range of measurementBody temperature Mode: 32.0-42.5°C
Surface temperature Mode : 0-100°C
AccuracyBody temp: ±0.2°C
Surface temp: ±1.0°C
Measurement distance5 to 8 cm(2 to 3.2″)
Auto-shutdown timeAbout 15s
Ope rati on pressure700-1060hpa
Waterproof testIPXO/Continuous operating

The accuracy of the Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer



  1. Step1. Input the battery
  2. Step2. Waiting for 10 minutes for the first time or just insert the battery
  3. Step3. In case when it’s not used for long time, it will detect the environment temperature first so it will take one or two seconds more to switch on.
  4. Step4. Focus on the forehead and keep 5cm distance then press the button to start testing. It will display the testing data within one second. Be sure there is no hair, sweat, cosmetic or har to cover the forehead. (see the picture below)
  5. Step5. When the environment impact the forehead temperature too much please check the part behind the ear and make sure it’s not block by anything.
infrared forehead thermometer operation
how to use forehead thermometer


  1. Setting the format of the temperature—F1
    Keep pressing “MODE” for 3 seconds till the screen display F1, the press “▼”to choose °C and °F
  2. Alarm temperature setting—F2
    Keep pressing “MODE” for 3 seconds till the screen display F1 then press “MODE” again to enter into F2 then press ” ▲”for increasing alarm temperature 0.1 °C (0.1 °F) and press ” ▼ for decreasing 0.1 °C (0.1 °F).
    Attention: The default alarm temperature is 38°C (100.4°F)
  3. Buzzer ON/OFF—F3
    Press “MODE” button for 3 seconds till the screen display F1 then press “MODE”
    twice to enter into F3 then press ‘”▼”to close the buzzer (a sound icon disappear) and press “▲” to open the buzzer ( a sound icon is displayed on the LCD screen)
  4. Out of setting
    Keep pressing BULB ICON until it’s power off
    This product is specialized for testing human being’s body temperature so the displaying temperature range is 32°C-42.5°C (89°F-108°F)
  5. Measuring mode setting
    Press” ▼ “key to the human body and the surface mode conversion.Under the MODE of body surface measurement rang is: 0~100°C(32-212 F).
  6. Data saving
    The testing data is saved automatically and it displays the latest result in the right bottom. You can press “▲”and “▼” to check the history results.
  7. Change battery
    When LCD display “”,it means the battery need to be changed
    1. Open the battery shell and take out the battery,
    2. Take out battery in case the thermometer is not used for long period.
    Please pay attention to the pole when input the battery otherwise it will burn the device
    No rechargeable battery allowed for this device
  8. Device life
    This device can support 40,000 times testing.
  9. Degree of protection against electric shock:Type BF


-The glass on the screen is very important and ifs easy broken. Please be careful when use it.

-Don’t charge the battery for it. It’s not rechargeable battery.

-Don’t keep it un der too much sun light and keep it away from water.

How To Keep The Device In Good Condition And Clean?

  • -The most important part is the sean head, please take care of it.
  • -Clean the surface with 70% alcohol cotton.
  • -Don’t use the corrupt cleaning dose.
  • -Keep it away from all the liquid.
  • -Keep the device in dry place and avoid dust and away from pollution or sun light


If you meet any problems during using it please follow below instructions for the solution. If problems are still there please con tact our customer service.

LCD can’t display the data

When It’s in body temperature status, below 32 Celsius or above 42.5 Celsius, there is no data display in the screen. It will display “LO” or “HI” only

LCD display HI

LCD display “HI”

It means the temperature is above 42.5 Celsius.

LCD display LO

LCD display “LO”

It means the temperature is below 32 Celsius There are some reasons for the “LO” and “HI” displaying for reference

Reason for displaying “LO”or ”HI”suggestion
Impact by hair or sweatMake sure no block when testing
Impact by the unstable airMake sure the air is stable
Impact by the far distaneePay attention to the distanee (5cm-8cm or 2inches-3.2inches)
From outdoors to in doors with big differenee of temperaturePlease wait for 20 minutes after the human body fit environment temperature


Electromagnetic compatibility declaration:

This product already got EU 60601-1-2 certificate for the Electromagnetic compatibility. But that

not means this device can absolutely avoid the interference from Electromagnetic environment.

According to the Electromagnetic compatibility and it is medical electronics, please pay attention to it

when operating this device and follow the instructions.

This Appliance Conforms To The Following Standards

-EN 980 :Graphical symbols for use in the labeling of medical devices

-EN :1041 :lnformation supplied by the manufacturer with medical diveces

-EN :60601-1 :Medical electrical equipment Part 1 :General requirements for safety (IEC :6060-1)

-EN 60601-1-2 :Medical electical equipment Part 1-2 :General requirements for safety Collateral standard

-Electromagnetic compatibility Requirements and test (IEC :60601-1-2)

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