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Four Steps Of Production Production Process

Step 1, Order arrangement

Before you place the order, we will give you an estimated date for delivery, which depends on the quantity of the prodcut , and if this is standard product or customized product, we MUST begin our production after receiving your fund, we DON’T produce without receiving the fund.

Step 2, Lead time

We have stock for standard products, so normally we will deliver the goods within 1 or 2 weeks(see if it is busy season or not busy season).

If this is customized products, first is software modification request, this will not delay the delivery because we can deliver firstly and update the software later when customer receives the machines.

Second is structure modification requests, this will delay the delivery because we have to change some parts of the machine so in this condition the lead time must be longer according to the complexity.

Step 3, Material Quality Control And Purchasing

Some customers must have experienced painful memories with technology companies who provide lowest prices but bad qualities, while iDoctorcloud is not looking for cheapest component suppliers, indeed we are looking for reliable and accurate result components as our important supports, our principle is to discuss with our suppliers regarding the technology and maintanance service firstly before price negotiation.

This is to make sure every components of iDoctorcloud are reliable and each of the supplier knows how to solve problems when the component crashes, now the reality is that our customers appreciate us very much for our professional knowledge and attitude.

Step 4, aging test and quality test before delivery

iDoctorcloud system’s main control boards will be tested for 48 hours in aging room(high temperature room) and then process the functions test, all the processes will be wirtten/recorded in the forms for later analysis, we will immediately replace the fault components during the process until the tests are all passed.

All the technicians will signed their names on the process document of final tests, this process is seriously implemented under the ISO9001 and ISO13485 international standards.