Health checkup station

Module number: E600A is an integrated kiosk for FAST health check, it can measure height, weight, BMI, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen. It has tow modes for measurement:
Fast measurement procedure:
Simultaneous body temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure measurement within 3 minutes, then take measurements of height and weight, total measurements will be finished within 5 minutes.
Normal measurement procedure:
Temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure, height, weight measurements are taken by sequence.

This health check station is suitable for state hospitals, county hospitals, clinics, health centers, nursing homes, pharmacies etc(know more about us).

Cardiovascular health checkup kiosk


  • Log in: ID card, QR code, social insurance card
  • Fast and normal speed measurement
  • All-in-one service in one kiosk
  • Height, weight, BMI, blood oxygen, temperature, blood pressure
  • Rotate display for different angle view
  • 1 minute to finish all the measurements
  • Software development kits are provided
  • App for personal health condition trace 

A: Yes, our machine supports most popular modules on market, Omron 9020, TM2655P etc.

A: Yes, this function is available. 

A: Integration with your POS system should be done by your POS system software engineer, we could provide SDK for your development.

SK-T8X Multiple functional health checkup kiosk
SK-T8X: Multiple Functional Health Chekcup Kiosk
SK-X60 Self service health check up kiosk
SK-X60HD: Self Service Health Kiosk
cardiovascular health checkup kiosk
SK-E500: Cardiovascular Health Chekcup Kiosk
SK-GS3 Portable Health Checkup Kiosk
SK-GS3: Portable Health Checkup Station
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