SK-V9: Advertisement height weight scale

Model No: SK-V9


  1. 15 inches advertisement screen for video play
  2. Ultrasonic height sensor with deviation at ±0.1cm
  3. Accurate weight sensor with deviation at ±0.1kg
  4. Automatic BMI calculation
  5. 5 inches LCD display for clear information
  6. Inbuilt printer with automatic result ticket print and cut
  7. Body composition analysis(Gender & age)
  8. Voice announcement
  9. Two working mode: Automatic measurement, Wireless remote control measurement


  1. Industrial design of the machine
  2. MCU board with expandable functions
  3. High efficiency measurement at 400 people/hour
  4. Output port of RS232 allowing data transferring
  5. OEM/ODM available(depends on the order)
Advertisement height weight scale

Differences among each models(click Model No. to know more)

Ticket format(see beneath)

 Model No.SK-L08SK-X80THSK-V9SK-CB
Applied inVending industryVending industryVending industryVending industry
Control systemCircuit boardCircuit boardCircuit boardCircuit board
ScreenTouch screenTouch screenLED screenLED screen
Screen size7 inches10 inches5 inches5 inches
Height/Precision2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm2 meter/0.1cm
QR codeYesNoNoNo
Printer(Front mount)YesNoNoNo
Printer w/t cutterYesYesYesYes
Ticket width56mm56mm56mm56mm
Foldable in the middleYesNoNoNo
Advertisement ScreenNoNoYesNo
MaterialAluminiumSteel plateSteel plateSteel plate
Surface FinishPaint w/t oxidationPaintPaintPaint
Standard colorShinning silver grayCreamy WhiteYellowGray
Industry standardISO13485ISO13485ISO13485ISO13485
Multiple languageYesYesYesYes
Height weight scale ticket

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