How Healthcare Mobile APP Communicate With Hardware?

Is there a way to communicate from Smart health care mobile app to the hardware? We need to consider the following points:

Firstly, I think this is an ldeal expection for the hardwares, because the devices are connected with health kiosks by cables, how do the devices communicate with your mobile? By bluetooth? This means the devices must have two communication channels/two different protocols/two check methods, at least we cannot guarantee this type of working mode stable or not.

Secondly, if you want to communicate with each device, that means you need to do all the development from the beginning, regardless considering we will expand more devices and more functions, on the other hand, we need to provide all the development services and communication between you and the testers, this is very big effort work and increase our work dramatically.

Thirdly, if you consider any change from one supplier in future, or if we want to change to another supplier, your application need to have adjustment and test, or if your engineer has changed, this will give you much maintance which we both side can not expect how trouble it is.

So we recommend you simmply integrate with our telemedicine kiosks and collect the data from our machine, your application just need to handle the data from our machine and no need to care about the hardwares, no matter how we change the hardwares, you just need to control the data digitally, this will save much of your work and help you target to provide telemedicine for customers, we are back-to-back growing and we can win more market, in one word, let the expert doing the expertise job.

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