FAQ Of Face Recognition Temperature Scanner


Our face recognition temperature scanner is a popular body temperature screening kiosk, as it is equipped with access control and face recognition, perfect for company employees, supermarkets, stations and other public places.

face recognition temperature screening equipment

1. Is Your Device Touchless Face recognition Device for Attendance System?

Our device has no attendance software, but your existing attendance system can integrate our device by API and collect the attendance records from our device.

2. Is Your Device High-Speed Facial Verification (1:N) (<= .3S) with Liveness Detection?

Yes, N<=50,000, this device can detect liveness.

3. Can The Face recognition Detection (Distance) Reach At Least 1 Meter?

Yes, its range is from 30 to 120 cm.

4. Can Your Device Have False Acceptance Rate (FAR) FAR<=0.01%, False Rejection Rate (FRR) FRR<=1%?

Yes, the device complies with this requirement.

5. Can The Device Capacity (Users-Templates) Reach Minimum 50,000?

Yes, it can.

6. Can the Number of Transactions (Logs) stored in the device reach a minimum of 1,000,000?

Not comply, default is 20,000 events, it needs to upgrade to larger storage disk or NOT saving images when save events.

7. Is there other Additional supported Verification Methods (mention if any)?

QR code or IC card.

8. Is an additional barcode scanner required, or is that available through the existing camera and software? Is there any more details on how these work together?

Yes, it needs an additional QR code reader( this reader can read barcode & QR code together), it doesn’t need our software any change, because in our APIs, we have a paragraph’s description for IC card number upload, the QR code will be processed as a unique IC card number, the process is same.

9. Does the Interface have TCP/IP?

Yes, it supports ethernet RJ45 and WIFI communication.

10. Can the Camera provide minimum High Resolution (2MP), Wide Angle, Low Light?

yes, this is our standard functions.

11. Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and B/W photos), videos attack, and 3D mask attack?

Yes, the device has an inbuilt camera which detects infrared wave range between 33-43 Celsius centigrade, if any objects out of this temperature this range will be denied access even his face is recognized and accepted.

12. Intelligent energy-saving design; precisely evaluation of the distance (up to 2.5m (8.2ft)) between the user and the device by a microwave detector before waking up the recognition terminal?

Yes, this is an option in backend software, you may activate this function after installation.

13. What’s the detection distance of face recognition scanner?

The Measurement distance of our high speed Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection (<= 0.1s) is 30 – 120cm, it can recognize the people within 0.1 second.

14. Medical Mask Detection alert required (can be enable or disable through software)

Yes, this device has mask detection alert function. once this funtion is activated, the people must wear a mask otherwise the system will reject his access request.

By the way, in this case, you need to adjust the similarity value in backend also, if this value is set more than 50, there would be more deny cases, so we suggest the default value is set to be 50, by this means, the system will remain the normal people flow without too many deny cases, because in this condition the security guard needs to manually compare and open or deny his access.

15. Does the device have Restart button with tamper protection?

no, there is no restart button on the device.

16. Can your device provide 3 year warranty?

yes, this is negotiable, you may discuss with our sales manager about this issue.

17. If the server is available, will need a realtime notification that there has been a successful scan? We want to trigger additional events based on this event.

I think you are asking if our device will send a real-time event to the backend, the answer is YES, it will send immediately once it records an event, including time, image, temperature, status. The data will be sent continually via HTTP until your reply code with confirmation, your backend software can trigger another action in your system,  maybe switch, broadcasting, or a camera, etc, these additional actions would be your side job, not belong to us(I think you should be very clear about this issue).

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