Temperature Screening Kiosk- Keeps you safe in the COVID-19 crises

COVID-19 has shaken the healthcare system all around the world. Taking preventive measures against the deadly virus is a thousand times better than ending up being hospitalized. Facial recognition temperature screening kiosk by “idoctorcloudis” a temperature measuring device that is the perfect solution to help people in following preventive measures conveniently.

Features of face recognition

The face recognition temperature screening kiosk is equipped with advanced technology to provide a quick and convenient temperature screening anywhere. Some of the amazing features of this temperature measuring device are:

Face and mask recognition 

This facial recognition temperature screening kiosk has an 8 inches IPS display to provide speedy temperature detection without waiting. It has more than 99.97% face recognition accuracy even with a mask and an auto voice announcement if an abnormal body temperature is detected.

The recognition speed is less than 1 second. This makes it a quick and safe temperature measuring device during COVID-19. You don’t have to wait for long for your turn for regular temperature measurement.

Best temperature scanner

The facial recognition temperature screening kiosk has the most accurate and fast temperature scanner. The Inbuilt Heimann thermopile array sensor from Germany detects the temperature at a distance of more than 1 meter with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. Thus, you can have a quick and reliable temperature scanning.

Moreover, the screening speed can be programmed by sensor clock and ADC-resolution between 15 Hz and 27 Hz.

Infrared and RBG double light compensation

The infrared and the RGB double light compensation of the temperature screening kiosk can measure the temperature and recognize the face even in low light. It is thus suitable for gateways or other places with low light.

API integration

The temperature screening kiosk comes with an API integration system for establishing a reliable connection between two or more servers.

Multi-language support

This temperature measuring device is easy to use due to multi-language support.

Additional features of facial recognition

In addition to the features mentioned above, the temperature screening kiosk has the following features:

  • Employees registration in device
  • WIFI and ethernet ports
  • Cloud and QR code scanner
  • Cloud and IC card scanner
  • NFC card reader integration
  • USB, power, and TTL serial port

How does the facial recognition temperature sensor work? 

The facial recognition temperature screening kiosk comes with the most reliable and fast temperature sensor. The temperature measuring device works as follows:

Face recognition algorithm recognizes the face

The algorithm is from one of the three well-known face recognition companies in China, so you can totally be sure of the quality. It recognizes face with 99.97% accuracy and is ideal for workplaces, hospitals, schools, or other venues.

The temperature detected is spoken aloud with a voice announcement. In case if the person is not wearing a mask, the temperature screening kiosk prompts the person to wear a mask. The algorithm recognizes the face for both the mask and temperature.

The binocular camera helps in live detection

Face recognition temperature screening kiosk with a binocular 2 million pixel camera detects only the living body. The device can’t be deceived with an image or video.

The temperature sensor detects temperature 

After face recognition, the thermopile array sensor provides quick and accurate temperature measurement. An alarm rejects any temperature above 37.3°C within 1 second.

API integration allows the server to control the device via API 

The temperature measuring device provides an API integration and connects two or more applications via their APIs. As a result, data can be exchanged between them. This feature enables the server to control the temperature screening kiosk via API of other devices or applications.

How facial recognition temperature screening kiosk is installed? 

Facial recognition temperature screening kiosks can be installed in different ways that makes it perfect for installation at different locations. This temperature measuring device can be installed in the following ways:

  • Floor stand with light
  • Floor stand without light
  • Desktop stand with light
  • Desktop stand without light
  • Wall-mounted stand
  • Stand for turnstile

Pros of facial recognition screening kiosk

It is a highly desirable device in the current pandemic situation to control the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals. It comes with many incredible features that make it a highly reliable temperature measuring device. Some of the pros of facial recognition temperature screening kiosk are:

  1. Provides accurate temperature measurement at a safe distance.
  2. API integration is available for better working.
  3. You don’t have to wait to have a temperature check. It measures your temperature even when you pass by the kiosk, and if your body temperature is not normal, an indication is done via an alarm.
  4. Makes sure that everyone is wearing masks. It doesn’t open the gate until you have you wear your mask.
  5. It consists of an embedded software for configuration and working without the need of a PC.
  6. Provides a contact-free temperature scanning that helps a lot to avoid COVID-19 infection.
  7. Provides the temperature measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature scale can be switched as needed.
  8. Supports WIFI communication.

Applications of facial recognition temperature screening kiosk

Due to the deadly COVID-19 infection, the facial recognition temperature screening kiosk is vital for every crowded location. A regular temperature assessment is an essential COVID-19 preventive measure during the crises. This temperature screening kiosk can be installed at:

  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Entrance points
  • Educational institutions
  • Transportation hubs
  • Retail centers
  • Hotels
  • Other crowded venues

Why facial recognition temperature screening kiosk is the best in COVID-19 crises?

COVID-19 is a contagious infection that has a high potential of spreading via contact. To counter this situation, the facial recognition temperature screening kiosk provides an accurate temperature measurement at a distance of about 1 meter from the device and without touching it.

Moreover, measuring the body temperature frequently is an important preventive measure for COVID-19 infection. This device can be installed at the entrance points of different locations and help people to monitor their body temperature whenever they visit that venue.

This can save people from visiting hospitals again and again to have a basic fever checkup in COVID-19 crises. As the chances of getting COVID-19 infection from hospitals are the most, this temperature screening device can lower the number of continuously increasing COVID-19 infections.

But you must acknowledge that it is a temperature measuring device, and COVID-19 has many other symptoms as well. Just a high temperature won’t make you a COVID-19 patient. If you have been detected with abnormally high temperature, you must visit a hospital as soon as possible to have thorough testing for COVID-19.

Why facial recognition temperature screening kiosk is the best temperature screening kiosk?

Both in terms of features and cost, the facial recognition temperature screening kiosk by iDoctorCloud is the best temperature screening kiosk. It’s the best solution in the COVID-19 crises due to the following benefits:

1. Contact-free face recognition

You can have a temperature screening from a distance of more than 6 feet; that is the distance recommend as prevention from COVID-19. You don’t have to touch the kiosk screen to have a temperature measurement, which reduces the chances of getting virus infection from the kiosk’s screen.

2. Has a huge face recognition capacity

It offers a huge face recognition capacity thus can be installed at crowded places and work efficiently. The capacity can be increased by customization upgrade. Thus, this temperature screening kiosk is a good value for your money.

3. Suitable for different venues 

The facial recognition temperature screening kiosk can be installed in different ways, making it suitable for many places. It can be mounted on walls, floors, security turnstiles, desktops, etc.

4. Reliable for long-term use

The temperature screening kiosk’s main body is made up of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion resistant. An aluminum oxide layer is formed when aluminum is exposed to oxygen, which makes it more durable. Thus, it is a reliable device for long-term use.

5. Encourages people to follow preventive measures

The temperature screening kiosk is equipped with a face scanner camera that not only indicates a high temperature but also prompts people to wear a mask. The entry remains closed until the person wears a mask. This will encourage more people to wear a mask and follow preventive measures.

6. Don’t stop your businesses

Installing a screening kiosk at the entry points of different buildings will help to differentiate patients having symptoms of COVID-19 than the normal people. This will minimize the chances of interaction between patients and normal individuals. Thus, your businesses can run normally. 


Amid the COVID-19 crises, prevention can help you more than treatment. As there is no completely effective treatment against COVID-19 yet, the preventive measures are highly recommended practice.

Facial recognition temperature screening kiosk is a perfect device in COVID-19 crises due to the amazing features and benefits listed above. By installing temperature screening kiosks at different public places can surely slow down the spread of this deadly virus.

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