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Facial Recognition Temperature screening kiosk

Walkthrough temperature screening kiosk is a speedy & touchless temperature verification terminal which screens people’s temperature with mask recognition within 1 second, it rejects temperature over 37.3℃/99.1℉ with an alarm.

With AI technology, iDoctorCloud utilizes face recognition algorithm and thermopile to recognize his face with mask detection and detect his forehead temperature to take fever screening for mass people flow. The face recognition temperature scanner is to adapts to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which appeared in early 2020, you can know its history from this blog. Global countries have shown that it’s possible to control the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 or Novel Corona temperature virus by implementing strong protective measures such as infrared camera pandemic to check the fever. iDoctorCloud also provides more Covid-19 related products as the WHO recommended.

face recognition temperature measurement terminal
face recognition temperature measurement terminal
  • 8 inches IPS display(1280*800, @60Hz)
  • Auto temperature detection, auto display, auto alarm, auto voice announcement
  • Linux, MX3520, ARM Cortex A7, 1GHz
  • Inbuilt Heimann(32*32) thermopile array sensor(most accurate sensor From Germany)
  • Accuracy ±0.3℃
  • Detection distance: 0.3-1.2 metres
  • Facial recognition(50,000 sets capacity)
  • Accuracy>99.97%, face recognition speed<200ms
  • Live detection, anti-image, anti-video cheat
  • Infrared and RGB double light compensation, support face recognition under weak light
  • Recognition speed: about 0.3-0.8 second
  • WIFI and ethernet port RJ45
  • Could add QR code scanner
  • Could add IC card reader
  • Waterproof: IP65(Must be with overhead shelf outdoor environment)
  • Environment: -10~60 Celsius centigrade
  • API is provided

Best Temperature Screening Kiosk!

Structure Of Face Recognition Temperature Screening Kiosk

  • 1——IR camera
  • 2——Face recognition area
  • 3——Prompt area, e.g. Please wear a mask
  • 4——Date & time
  • 5——Temperature status
  • 6——8 inches screen
  • 7——RGB camera
  • 8——LED light compensation
  • 9——Infrared sensor

Main Features Of Temperature Screening Kiosk

AI technology with face library for face recognition+ mask detection + fever detector

  • Support multiple languages
  • Single/batch upload images to the device
  • Register employee in device
  • Query access history
  • Setup internet connection(automatic and manual setup)
  • Support WIFI communication
  • Support Hotspot
  • Setup server information(address, polling)
  • Volume, light brightness adjustment
  • Light compensation On/Off
  • Restore to default
  • Password reset
  • Time zone, date & time setup
  • Rear side screws provide conveniences for maintenance and replacement

Details Of Facial Recognition Temperature Sensor


Face recognition algorithm

Originated from EeasyTech, one of the three largest face recognition algorithm companies in China, the accurate rate reaches 99.97%, which is based on huge population face image analysis in past years, suitable for yellow, white people.


Binocular camera

  • Live detection, prevent image, video fraud
  • 2 million pixel
  • IR camera and RGB camera
  • Wide dynamic and backlight compensation
  • It captures a face’s image(by RGB camera) and detects if it is a living body or a fake image(video)(by IR camera)

Infrared Thermopile Array Sensor

Thermopile array sensor

Heimann® which is made in Germany
The most expensive sensor in this industry
Most suitable for Remote Temperature Measurement and Thermal imaging capture, which is fast and accurate
Built-in EEPROM stores all calibration parameters and a 16-bit
ADC. The speed can be internally programmed by the sensor clock
and ADC-resolution between 15 Hz (highest resolution)
and 27 Hz (lower resolution).


Protocol/SDK/API for integration

  • HTTP protocol and Json format
  • The server could control device via API
  • Clock in/Clock out information
  • Face image sent by Base64 format
  • Time, employee number
  • Register/add/delete employee
  • Synchronization configuration from Server of the third party platform
RFID reader with QR code reader


  • NFC card reader integration;
  • QR code reader integration.

Please note: tell us the sequence of control of QR code, temperature measurement, face recognition, open gate, because different sequence needs different logic and we need to modify the firmware accordingly.

Description or Explanation for each cable

Cable connection

  1. TTL Serial port
  2. Power(from power adaptor)
  3. Relay output(NC/NO/COM)
  4. Firmware update button
  5. USB port(for Programming)
  6. Debug tool(for the developer only)
  7. RJ45, ethernet port

Advantages Of Facial Recognition Temperature Sensor

Temperature detection distance at 0.3 to 1.2 meters
  • API is provided for third party integration
  • Embedded software is available for configuration and operation and No need PC
  • Temperature detection distance: 0.3-1.2 Metres
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃
  • High speed of recognition: 0.5 second
  • Keeps reminding wearing a mask until the people wear his mask then open the gate
  • WIFI communication
  • Celcius and Fahrenheit switcheable

Applications Of Temperature Screening Kiosk

They are widely applied in office buildings, residence communities, schools and campuses and public transportations.

Applications where the face thermometer can be used
Applications where the face thermometer can be used
The different brackets for different device installations
The different brackets for different device installations


CPULinux, MX3520, ARM Cortex A7 1GHz
NPU(face recogntion algorithm)Inbuilt Convolutional Neural Networks accelerator NPU, 1.2T Hash rate
Internal   storageEMMC 8GB
Face capacity50,000 faces
Facial recognition speed0.5-1 second
Voice announcementEnglish or French
Fever warningSupport
RGB camera1/2.7″ Industrial wide dynamic sensor
Purpose: Face recogntion
Inbuilt chip: AR0230
Resolution: 1920*1080
1080P Real Video output
Dot dimension: 2.9um*2.9um
SN ratio: 45dB
Dynamic range: 115dB
Lens structure: 650nm±10nm
Iris: 2.0
Focus length: 4.35mm
FOV angle: D=65°H=59°V=38°
Deformation: <1%
Lens combination: 4P+1IR
100dB wide dynamic range, suitable for complex light condition
30 frames/second
IR camera1/5″ industrial low illuminance sensor
Purpose: Live detection
Inbuilt chip: GC2145
SOC image processor ISP
1080P Real Video output
0.01Lux low illuminance with 850nm infrared LED, suitable for various of complex light condition
Resolution: 1616*1232
Dot dimension: 1.75um*1.75um
SN ratio: 45dB
Dynamic range: TBD
Lens structure: 850nm narrow bandth ±10nm
Iris: 2.8
Focus length: 2.8mm
FOV angle: D=75°H=66°V=43°
Deformation: <1.5%
Lens combination: 4P+1IR
30 frames/second
Infrared thermal imaging moduleSensor Type: Thermopile far-infrared sensor
Heimann temperature sensor(Default)
Melexis temperature sensor(Optional)
Purpose: Temperature detection
Detection distance: 30-100cm
Temperature difference: ≤ ±0.2℃
Resolution: 32(H)x 32(V)
Pixel Size: 90um
Maximum Frame Rate: 7~9Hz
Display8 inches, Resolution: 800*1280
Image spin0 , 90 , 180,  270 degree spin
Real time clockInbuilt clock IC, setup ON/OFF time
NetworkRJ45 port, 100M ethernet
WIFI,support Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n protocol
1 TTL, 1 RS232
1 Relay output
AudioInbuilt speaker at 2W 8Ω
Light compensationSupport white light, red LED compensation
Automatic or ON/OFF light compensation
FunctionsLive detection
With or without mask
Guest access control
Face similarity: 0-1
Temperature compensation: 0-1000
Language: English, French(expandable)
Fever detection: 28-37.3℃(programmable)
Image import: USB or PC import
Case materialAluminum CNC process, IP65
Working temperature-10℃~60℃
Storage temperature-20℃~60℃
Mounting typeMounting or hanging, or by floor stand
Weight1.7 kg

How To Install Face Recognition Sensor Device?

There are various of environments which need different installations, such as wall, turnstiles gate, desktop, or floor, the main body material is aluminum alloy and produced by CNC machinery.

  1. Floor stand with slim and adjustable pole, it is slim and can be shorter when it insert the upside pole into the downsid pole, so it is small dimension for shipment, especially suitable for DHL or air flight.
  2. Floor stand with standard pole and fixed height, it looks nice because it adds a front LED for decoration, the Height could be: 60, 80, 110, 130cm, for height at 130cm stand, it can hang an automatic soap dispenser as additional hand hygiene measure at the entrance
  3. Wall mount bracket is a square separate plate which could be fixed on the wall first, the plate have a few hooks, the rear side of device has holes at the same position so the device can hang on the plate and being fixed
  4. Security turnstiles gate bracket needs to drill a hole on the top cover of the turnstiles gate, while the device is mounted with a short pole, the diameter of the hole is suggested to be 33mm, insert this pole into the hole and fix it by a screw from inside of the top cover.
  5. Desktop stand is mainly for the temperature sensor on the reception desk, it includes a base foot, shape is round, square, or triangle.

Certificates Of Facial Recognition Temperature Sensor

Why Temperature Measurement With Face Recognition?

The government suggest people to keep at least 1 meter distance from others during global corona virus pandemic, this temperature measurement device can work with security access control system perfectly, furthermore it can detect people’s temperature without body contacting, so it matches the current situation demand and becomes very hot.

We provide API(or SDK) and integration technical support, the facial recognition terminal can collect data at the site, you could integrate the data to your existing access control system or time attendance system, security barrier control system, which means we could provide APIs for your integration.

This device has its Net mask address and IP address so it can be networked in a LAN and all the data can be easily transferred via RJ45 LAN network cable or wireless WIFI network, the image is transferred by Base64 and in HTTP and Json format. The data will keep uploading until the server received even the network is disconnected.

If You Don’t Have Developer…

If you don’t have this developer, which means you will use this facial temperature sensor tablet as a standalone unit.

This face temperature screening device operation is sort of simple: the people has no any additional actions, he just enter the lane and face to forward direction(installed beside the lane or on the barrier gate closely) within 1 meter(which is a nature distance) and device can recognize his face and scan his forehead temperature simultaneously, his body temperature can be displayed on the screen and alarm if your temperature is at over 37.3 centigrade.

face recognition temperature measurement access control with floor stand
face recognition temperature screening scanner with holder

It allows you to register faces on the devicedirectly by capturing a face image and input the name manually. The device can work alone and alarm when it detect a person with high body temperature. The capacity for face is 20,000 sets and can be expanded by customization upgrade.

The face scanner camera can detect if someone is wearing a mask or not, and alert him to wear a mask to access the entry otherwise the entry will keep closed until he wear a mask.

Please keep in mind that it doesn’t replace a professional medical grade thermometer equipment. It is a reference equipment for temperature screening, and further medical examination is needed if the device detect a higher temperature people, when a temperature is found that’s above programmed threshold, an alarm is triggered: software prompt with voice reminder.

Related Report

1.Test Report

2.Frequency Bias Test

3.IO Status Test

Human body temperature measurement system is strongly needed after pandemic outbreaks globally, this technology utilizes industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera module and facial recognition thermometer which includes thermal imaging technology for noncontact body temperature screening, this face recognition terminal can support and work with hand sanitizer dispenser, ID card reader, card reader fingerprint, temperature kiosks, to form an efficient recognition access control, alternatively it can also work as a wrist temperature measurement system, thanks to its digital full view 8inch IPS LCD display screen, it can be installed in office, buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hubs, public service places, it’s quad or octa-core processor advanced algorithm allows automatic temperature and face comparison for fever screening, its accuracy rate allows multiple people scan and access in a short time.

It detects abnormal temperature by dual photo flood recognition temperature measurement, this device supports various peripheral, various peripheral expansions, detection face recognition provides mask detection, AI face recognition temperature scanning can detect if you are wearing a mask or not, furthermore, it can automatically wake up when people approach the checkpoint at about 2.5 meters by thermal imaging system, the temperature detection range could be 30 to 120cm, it can be wall mount, security turnstiles mount, or floor mount, its multiple API docking brings convenience for software integration.


This walk through fever measurement equipment device utilizes remote infrared body temperature probe detector with facial recognition thermal camera to detect unknown or hidden corona virus disease patients at the entrances.

It can detect the human temperature at long distance of 50cm(20inches) within just 0.5-1 second, it uses the thermal  camera to capture and compare your face by security database, if anyone’s forehead temperature is over 37℃(98.6℉), the system will automatically alarm so security guard can separate the people for further examination.

This facial recognition temperature sensor is perfect for corona virus disease(covid-19) early detection or prevention in fast speed, and it can be installed at the entrance of residence communities, airports, metro stations, factories, restaurants, pubs where there are crowded people.

It has RJ45 port, NO/NC relay port, 1 USB port for external device connection, we also provide SDK for integration.

Because the sensor could target the forehead when camera catch your face, the dual eye camera utilizes deep learning algorithm to focus on face so the inbuilt infrared temperaure sensor can easily target your forehead to detect your forehead temperature.

We have flow diagram available to better illustrate when each API will be called during the temperature scanning process. They are not in the flow, you can call any one depending on what you need. Please read below subtitle(SDK document) and understand which function you need to call:

  1. Step1. Export check in/check out information from device to server
  2. Step2. Import registered user information from server to device
  3. Step3. Import deleted user information from server to device
  4. Step4. Export initial status to server
  5. Step5. Import parameters from server to device
  6. Step6. Heatbeat packet of device
  7. Step7. Self operation request for permission from server

Every API is automatically called by device.

Install the HttpServer.exe on server(simultaion tool to receive the data), and input the correct IP address of the server which you installed HttpServer.exe in the thermal scanner device. You can see the result of the data when you open the httpserver program.

Due to global pandemic of Corona virus, Covid-19, many places need devices to automatically detect the body temperature of the people, according to the study of WHO, the Covid-19 virus might exist for many years.

As the manufacturer of face recognition thermal scanner, the prices must be competitive, the price of this device on market is about USD800.00 to USD1000.00. please contact your local distributor for local purchasing price, notice on market there would be distributor price, resell price, online purchasing price, local area purchasing price.

Our face recognition infrared thermometer is very advantageous in the market, if you want to become our distributor, please check our distributor page, and contact us.

One of those measures is the use of non-contact infrared thermometry temperature measurements to scan for elevated skin temperatures within the limited space. this is essential to re-open or keep open offices, buildings, hospitals, businesses, or facilities of any kind. Staffs, employees, and guests need their temperature examined to assist within the containment.

A thermal scanner is able to quickly scan large groups of individuals. It performs the skin temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.3 ℃ during a standard environment of 20-25 ℃ (68-77 ℉).

Fever thermometers have been out of stock almost everywhere for months as a result of the corona-virus pandemic. That has forced many people to pay more than usual for “good enough” Know this, though: Most thermometers will read your temperature accurately. The best ones are also fast and easy to read—so you can quickly figure out what to do if you or your child may be sick.

We’ve come up with 5 best thermometers for different scenarios, and you can find detailed guides here.

Please view more FAQs at this blog.

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