How Health Kiosk Change Our Life

Health kiosk, which serves as a chronic disease management platform, can be categorized into 3 purposes, one is a self-examination health kiosk, the other one is nurse assisted health kiosk, the third one is a portable health station,all of these three types are essential to public health.

Health kiosk is originated from height weight BMI scale, which measures height, weight, with BMI result, this is to give a brief idea if you are obesity or overweight, so people knows if he should control his body weight by diet and exercise, this is the first generation of health kiosk screening in public places.

height weight BMI scale

Later a new health kiosk concept is created which is to build a private small space for people(or patient) to have a health checkup and have diagnosis via a video chat with a doctor, because the most fundamental vital sign is blood pressure and pulse rate, the new generation of health kiosk is called blood pressure kiosk, it adds blood pressure monitor, and blood oxygen along with height, weight, and BMI, such as Walmart health kiosk in the US, indeed the Walmart health kiosk belongs to self-examination kiosk because it doesn’t need nurse assistance. Pharmacies could setup a health kiosk that could help nearby residence and help their sales boost because the patient could have a prescription and he could buy medicines in this pharmacy.

With the increasing stress of social life, more and more people find an appointment with and visiting a doctor is quite a trouble and time waste, which is normally half a day or even longer time if the doctor and patient are not in the same city, so multiple health checkup kiosks is a new health care provider for the public, it not only provides convenience to the public(patients and doctors), but it also dramatically reduces the cost for the patients, multiple health checkup kiosks can be located everywhere, especially for those places far from cities where lack of hospitals and doctors.

multiple funtion health check kiosk

The multiple health checkup kiosks, is an expandable healthcare system which needs a nurse to help people to have a complete health checkup, such as ECG, blood test, urine routine test, bone density scan, ultrasound scan, psychological assessment, all of these health measurements have got clinical evaluation tests and reports which are accepted by the international medical filed, the results can be the source for the doctor(or General practitioner) to have diagnosis and prescriptions.

The portable health checkup station, is for a doctor visit, such as rural areas, mountain areas, those places with low-income families, people are hard to have a complete health screening every year, some of them even take ancient treatments and most of them have very poor medical treatment, the government could send registered doctors to visit these areas and have health examination for all the families, this machine also connects with the cloud by 4G communication, and the government could aggregate all the health results for area health condition evaluation and forecasting, which could save lots of efforts and provide accurate health statistics for the government.

portable health check kiosk

The biggest advantages of health kiosk are convenience and low cost for the public, with the signal of the internet or 4G communication, the people could have a health checkup at his nearby health checkpoint, people could register on the kiosk with his residence card, email, mobile phone number, or a unique QR code, then have a health evaluation report in his email or APP, he also could make an appointment with a doctor online without going to see a doctor in a hospital, especially he can save lots of time on the road and waiting in a queue in hospitals.

The impact of health diagnosis kiosk to our life and economy will be dramatic and huge, there are growing demands for telehealth and digital authentic prescription globally, doctors could sit in his office and diagnose a patient even they are a thousand miles away, the patient could have prescription and health advice at anywhere and anytime, with this technology, our life will be changed, more and more people will enjoy the convenience of digital health kiosk.

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