Height weight scale in factory line

What a weight and height scale can do?

A scale can measure your height and weight with a BMI index result, it can be applied as a vending machine in public store or pharmacy(that’s why it is also called pharmacy scale or medical scale), hospitals, health centers, schools, army, clincs etc.

It can also be integrated with body fat analysis, people need to input your gender and age, then holding two stainless steel bar and wait for the results, notice this body analyser scale provides general result of your body fat percenteage analysis, it gives you a gerenal idea how your body fat and other composition percentage is.

By adding an advertisement screen, it also can display videos or display advertisement images on LED light.

Height weight scale
SK-L08: Height weight scale
Height weight scale with BP kiosk
SK-X8TH: height weight scale with blood pressure
Advertisement height weight scale
SK-V9: Adervertisement height weight scale

What functions do you need to consider?

How do you want to activate the machine, by coin, contactless RFID card, QR code, or by a computer trigger? Which means the people use a type of tool to begin the measurements, such as a coin operated acceptor.  

Do you need to charge for each time measurement, if so, you need to consider to ask for the functions such as coin, or IC card, while if you want to charge from an APP, you could also ask for a QR code scanner being integrated in the machine.

If you need IC card, then you need buy one more management software which is for issuing the card to members and charge for the specific cards, along with USB a desktop reader with the computer(Windows 10 OS).

For the printer, it also has three options, first is without printer, such as in hospitals, second is with printer without cutter, there is a plastic saw on the edge of the ticket mouth, people need to tear off the ticket according to the direction of the plastic saw, after a period of test on market, this is not welcome by most of the customers, because it easily cause the entire ticket being pulled off if the customer tear at wrong direction, third is a printer with a cutter, by this the ticket will be cut with a tiny edge connecting so people easily tear the ticket off. Normally the printer is 56mm width, and the ticket paper is thermal paper needed, so you don’t need to consider about the ink replacement, the lifetime of the printer and cutter is at least 1 million time use.

Please consider the height of your roof ceiling, our machine’s default height is 2.2 meters(7.2 feet), of course we can provide customizatio of the height, which means we could produce the body scale higher or shorter, while we are factories, so we need a quantity to produce, normally the MOQ for this customization is 20 sets.

As for the apperance, our digital height weight scale utilize the alluminum extrusion stretching material, plus industrial oxidation surface proces, the surface is finished by shinning silver gray color, so it looks very nice and high class.

What communication do you need? Traditional communication is RS232, with the development of technology, new communication can be WIFI(wireless internet connection) and TCP/IP communication(wired internet cable), or bluetooth, these communication types are useful if you need the data to be transferred to your mobile, or an IP address, such as hospital HIS(hospital information system) or a server for another application(shch as APP or cloud analysis).

Another issue is integration, such as you want our machine to work with your APP of hospital HIS system, which means our machine need to talk with your program, don’t worry we will provide you this software development kits(a protocol document with a detailed explanation of each our command), the commuincation protocol is HTTP, send by Json.

Do you need to buy from a manufacturer,factory or from a distributor?

If you are a company who want to do resell busines or if you wan to make profit by an APP with hardware, you could contact with us for more discussion.

If you are an end user, you are encouraged to buy from a nearby distributor, anyway,we also require the Minimum quantity of order should reach 10 sets at one order.

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight. The formula is BMI equals to kg/m2 , the kg is his weight in kilograms, and m2 is his height in metres squared.

A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI applies to most adults 18-65 years.

What is the obesity standards on world health organization?

The WHO defines an adult who has a BMI between 25 and 29.9 as overweight – an adult who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese – a BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight, and between 18.5 to 24.9 a healthy weight .

How to use weight height scale?

The proces is very simple, after you insert a coin, or swipe a RFID card, or scan the QR code in your APP, wait for the machine’s voice prompt(less than 1 second wait), simply stand on the platform, the weight scale with rod will immediately displays the height and weight result, and a ticket will be printed simultaneously.

Options of digital height weight scale on market?

There are many options on market, such as Seca, detector, Tanita, NHS, factories are located in Germany, US, or Japan. Some factories are in Dehli of India, some are in Germany, some are in US, some are in Japan, and some are in China(SONKA is the best).

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