Healthcare kiosk for chronic disease management

Healthcare kiosk definition

Interactive health kiosk
Interactive health kiosk

Healthcare kiosk is a wellness station that allows people to have regular health checkups at their nearby health care point without assistance by sitting posture, it includes:

  • Obesity index(Height, weight, BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Blood oxygen/SPO2 saturation
  • Glucose & Uric acid(Optional)
  • Other customized functions(Based on discussion).

The health results are saved locally or transferred to a cloud server in hospital, so the patient can check his digital health condition report by email or print paper, the doctor and the patient both could receive his updated health condition data.

Because this healthcare kiosk is friendly to use, so this kiosk can be self service without assistance, the kiosk guides the people to have health checkup by message on the screen and voice announcement.

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Healthcare kiosk for patient login

  • QR code
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Residence card
  • Local EMR or social card
  • Or customized

Healthcare kiosk data connection with hospital EMR system

  • Patient identification verification
  • Data transferring
  • SDK is ready for integration with third-party EMR system

Healthcare kiosk’s advantages

  • Medical level accuracy results
  • Multiple vital signs integration, fast and efficient
  • All records are digitalized, avoid man-made mistakes
  • Sitting healthcare kiosk takes care of elderly people with a comfortable position
  • Expandable for more measurements

Healthcare kiosk release the burden for hospitals

Most of the clinics don’t have such medical equipment, in most of cases, the patients need to find a nurse to take these measurements, the nurse will then manually measure and write down the results on the document, which can easily have mistakes and it will be very hard for hospitals to aggregate and audit the accuracy of the results.

The nurses will be occupied with much time and easy to get complaint because of service for the patients.

With iDoctorCloud technology, the health kiosk could offer self service for the patients, the patients could easily understand and take measurements by themselves, and the result will be recorded by software and transferred to doctor’s side, all the information will be digitalized and will not have mistakes, and the nurses could have more flexible time to handle other issues in hospitals.

So this will be a big gap between current medical conditions and future medical conditions once the clinics adopt health kiosk technology.

Healthcare kiosk makes significant changes

The public could have convenient health checkups at any time nearby where they live or work.

People don’t need to wait for too long to have the results before seeing a doctor

All the data are in electronic medical record format so they can be life time health record

All the health data can be stored as a life time record so each person could have a life time health tracking archive.

The doctors can easily have diagnosis based on the health checkup results.

Patients and doctors could save lots of time and efforts on the roads and waiting in the queue rooms.

The local department of health could have a clear vision about public health condition and development trend, so government could understand how to adjust and setup health and medical policies and investment for healthcare industry.

Healthcare kiosk’s financial impact

Healthcare kiosk technology will save investment of government, because government will know where to spend money, and know how much to spend the money(much clearer than before), this is because the health kiosk technology provides very clear data for government to analyze and make decisions.

The patients could save lots of time on the transportation and waiting room. And he could spend less because online diagnosis is cheaper than going to a hospital.

The clinics can receive more patients because the patients could have results quickly(if the nearby clinics could provide qualified service, why patients will go far distance to a downtown hospital), on the long term, the clinic will also benefit by revenue created by the health kiosk.

The doctors could have more patients via telemedicine technology without long distance trip.

News of healthcare kiosk

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Yes, our machine supports most popular modules on market, Omron 9020, TM2655P etc.

Yes, it can be translated into Arabic.

Yes, this function is available. 

Integration with your POS system should be done by your POS system software engineer, we could provide SDK for your development.

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