X80TH: Height Weight Scale With BP Measurement

Height Weight Scale With Blood Pressure Monitor

height weight blood pressure kiosk
  • Fashion industrial design
  • High-class and durable case
  • 10 inches touch LCD screen
  • Ultrasonic probe for height measurement
  • Height range: 70-200cm(±1cm)
  • Weight range: 50-300kg(±0.1kg)
  • Support internet connection
  • Support cloud server
  • APP for personal health tracking
  • PC software for health data management
  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Body fat measurement
  • Built-in ticket printer
  • OEM/ODM accepted


X80 is a standard body BMI scale for health check-ups, its elegant appearance is perfectly suitable for the high-class health care center.

What is height weight blood pressure kiosk

height weight Blood pressure (BP) is the force of blood pushing against the walls of your arteries. When you have high blood pressure, this force is strong. When you have low blood pressure, the force is weak. Your blood pressure varies from moment to moment, usually in small amounts. Therefore, your doctor will check your blood pressure regularly. Blood pressure between 120 and 139 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) is considered optimal for heart health. Anything higher than that is considered high risk and anything lower than that is considered low risk. If your readings are consistently high or low compared to what’s normal for you, this can be an early sign of hypertension (high blood pressure). It could also indicate a medical condition that makes it harder for your body to maintain good BP such as chronic kidney disease or diabetes mellitus.

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