T8X: Multiple functional health checkup station

Brief introduction

SK-T8X is a Health check multiple functional measurements kiosk which can provide various of measurements for health care checkups, it can help people to have fast health screenings and upload all the health data to a cloud server, so doctors can have remote diagnogsis, we also provide API for smart health care system integration, so this device is convenient for early disease and public health monitoring and tracking in large areas, if you need this document for integration, please email us. 

Multiple functional health checkup kiosk

Video of operation

Function desrciption

Standard functionNew functionRelease soon
HeightUltrasound scannerStethoscope
WeightBone density meterLarynscope
Body composition analysisRhinoscope
Blood oxygen
Blood pressure monitor(Medical)
Blood sugar
Uric acid
Thermal printer
Blood lipid test

Details of each accessories

Specifications of multiple functional health kiosk

LevelClass II, type B
HeightHeight sensorUltrasound probe(USA)
WeightBMIAutomatic calculation
Loadcell300 or 500kg
Body composition analysisFrequencies20kHz/100kHz
MeasurementBody fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle, bone mass, basal metabolism
Measurement current90μA or below
Electrode materialElectroplating
Measurement range75.0~1,500.00Ω(0.1Ω
Measurement locationTrunk, 2 limbs
Body temperaturematerialInfrared wireless hand-held temperature gun
Accurate to0.1 ℃
Operation & storage temperature10~40℃, 0~50℃
Operation & storage humidity≤85%
PowerDC 9V
Human temperature range32.0~42.5℃
Object temperature range0~100℃
Power consumption≤120mw
Detection distance5 to 8 cm
Auto-offafter 15 seconds
Blood pressure monitorBlood pressure range(0~270)mmHg, [(0~36)Kpa]
Pulse rate: 40-180bpm
Storage capacity100 pcs of record
AccuracyBlood pressure: <±2mmHg(±0.267kpa)
Pulse: &lt;±2%
PowerAC 100-240V,50-60Hz,1.6-0.8A
Operation temperature & humidity5℃~40℃ 15%RH~80%RH
Transport & storage temperure & humidity-20℃~55℃ <93%RH
Operation atmospheric pressure80Kpa~106Kpa
Transport & storage atmospheric pressure50Kpa~106Kpa
Electric shock protectionClass I, type B
Device weight8kg
Arm circumference17-42cm
Blood oxygenProbeDual-wavelength LED
Wave lengthRed light: 663nm, Infrared: 890nm
Power of maximum light output≤2mW
Blood oxygen rate accuracyRange: 70%~100%, ±2%
Pulse rate accuracyRange: 30~250bpm, ±2%
Operation temperature5℃~40℃
Operation humidity15%~95%
Atmospheric pressure70kpa~106kpa
Power inputFrom main device by RS232
ECGLeads6 or 12 leads
Calibration voltage1mV±5%
Polarization resistance voltage±300mV
Sensitivity5, 10, 20(mm/mV)
Input impedance≥5MΩ
Input loop current<0.05uA
Heart rate range20-300bmp/min
Noise level≤15uVp-p
FilteringEMG Filtering
Common mode rejection ratio>90dB
Time constant≥3.2s
Frequency response0.05Hz~150Hz(-3.0dB/+0.4dB)
Rhythmic leadAny leads optional
Base line adjustmentAutomatic
Patient leak current<10uA(220V-240V)
Patient auxiliary current≤0.1uA(DC)
Safety standardIEC II/CF
Sampling frequency500Hz
ElectrodeChest electrodes and limb electrodes adopt
international colors, each matches different color
Blood glucose
Uric acid
Total cholesterol
Measurement rangeBlood glucose:
Uric acid: 0.18-1.19mmol/L(3-20mg/dL)
Cholesterol: 2.59-10.35mmol/L(100-400mg/dL)
Measurement timeBlood glucose:
Uric acid: 15S±0.5S
Total cholesterol: 26S±0.5S
Reference for normalGlucose Before meal: 3.9mmol/L-6.1 mmol/L
Glucose After 2 hours of meal: <7.8 mmol/L
Uric acid of male: 0.21~0.43mmol/L
Uric acid of female: 0.16~0.36mmol/
Uric acid of children: 0.12~0.33mmol/L
Total cholesterol: 2.86~5.98mmol/L
Accuracy±0.3(test by standard resistance slip)
Displaymmol/Lx and time display
Inbuilt battery3V Lithium battery
Lipid profileSample typeCapillary vessel whole blood sample,venous blood
TypeTotal cholesterol
HDL: High density Lipoprotein
TG: Triglyceride
LDL: Low density Lipoprotein(By calculation)
MethodEnzymatic colorimetric analysis
Mesurement rangeTotal cholesterol: 100-400mg/dL(2.6-10.3mmol/L)
Triglyceride: 70-600mg/dL(0.8-6.8mmol/L)
High density Lipoprotein: 25-80mg/dL(0.8-2.1mmol/L)
Test periodAbout 120 seconds
CalibrationPlasma or similar product
Sample volumn5 microlitre
Blood glucoseSample typeCapillary vessel whole blood sample
Mesurement range10-600 mg/dL(0.6-33.3mmol/L)
Sample volumn0.3 microlitre
Test period3 seconds
CalibrationPlasma or similar product
HCT range20-60%
RFIDStandard: IS0/IEC 15693
Read/write distance: 2cm
Antenna: integrated
Frequence: 13.56MHz
Measurement theory for blood glucoseElectrochemistry, Optical spectrum
Storage capacity200
Operation temperatureLipid profile: 18-30℃(64-86℉)
Blood glucose: 10-40℃ (50-104℉)
Operation humidity10-90%
Storage temperature2-30℃(36-80℉)
Weight77.5(with battery)±1g
Battery life time>1000 cycle use
Advertisement screenDisplay screen19" LCD screen, visible under sunshine
Opertion screenTouch screen17" touch screen
DimensionPackage dimension:121(L)*190(H)*140(W)cm
Machine dimension:242(H)*174(L)*61(W)cm
Inbuilt PC and processorGifa® industrial board, Intel i3 8100, 2.0 or 3.5GHz
Operation systemWindows 10 64bits OS, Version No. 1909
A4 printerHP-P1106
Data output portTCP/IP
Voltage220 AC (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption100W(Max.)
Operation and storage temperature5℃~45℃(-10℃~+60℃)
Machine weight/Package weight(wooden case)156kg/240kg
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