Thermal Imaging Camera

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Thermal Imaging Camera For Sale

thermal imaging camera software

ISE-L32 Infrared Thermal Image camera is a high-precision thermal imaging, which can measure the temperature of people in real time, output thermal image video and check the over-heat people.

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How To Use Thermal Imaging Camera?

It is simple to use and just need 1 USB cable to connect with laptop to work and monitor the real time status. Automatic temperature measurement when entering its monitoring range, no additional action is required.

It can detect 5 to 10 people with 3 to 4 meters at the same time. Real-time display of the measured temperature, found that the temperature abnormal will automatically alarm.

Specification Of Thermal Image Camera

General Parameters

InterfacePower supply and data transmission through standard Micro USB 2.0
Operating temperature-20°C (-4°F) ~ +60°C (+140°F) (for the requirement of accurate temp measurement of human body, it is recommended to use at ambient temp of 10°C (50°F) ~ 30°C (+86°C))
Storage temp-40°C (-40°F)- +85°C (+185°F)
Waterproof and dustproofIP54
Size129mm*73mm*61mm (L*W*H)
Net weight295g
Picture storageJPG, PNG, BMP
¼” Standard tripod or pan-tilt hoisting is adopted, total 4 holes.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Parameters

Response wave band8-14um
Frame rate9Hz
NETD70mK@25°C (77°F)
Field angle34.4 in horizontal, 25.8 in vertical
Measurement range-10°C – 330°C (14°F-626°F)
Measurement accuracyFor human body, the temp compensation algorithm can reach ±0.3°C (±0.54°F)
MeasurementHuman face recognition, general measurement
Color paletteWhitehot, Rainbow, Iron, Tyrian.

Software Parameters

Temperature displayHigh temperature tracking in measurement area can be set.
AlarmAvailable for alarm over the set high threshold temp, can sound alarm, snapshot alarm photos and store simultaneously.
Temperature compensationThe users can set up temperature compensation according to the environments
PhotographManually under opening, automatically under alarming
Internet cloud uploadCustomized according to cloud requirements

Specifications Of Black Body

Temperature Range+5℃~50℃ (41°F   ~ 122°F)
Black target surface diameter50 x 50mm
Effective emissivity≥0.95
Temperature resolution0.01℃
Temperature stability±0.1℃(10/ minute)
Temperature measurement accuracy±(0.15+0.003|t|)℃
Fixed temperature calibration37.00°C   (98.6°F)
Power supply220V±10%,   50Hz
Working environment0℃~50℃   (32°F~122°F), Humidity≤90%RH
Dimension190 x 120 x   160mm

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