Temperature Screening Gate

Temperature screening gate, or temperature screening kiosk, it can fastly scan the people body temperature and detect dangerous weapon, the temperature data is immediately displayed on the screen and it will alarm if the temperature is higher than setup thredshold.

Temperature Screening with Metal Detector Gates Wholesale

type-a: based on MCU technology
type-b: based on computer

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Specification Of Temperature Screening Gate

Specification of Temperature Screening Gate Based On MCU:

TechnicBased on MCU technology
Passage width70cm/2.3ft(or customized)
Display screen7 inches touch screen
DetectorInfrared temperature sensor
CountingPassed count, Alarm count
Temperature alarm valueprogrammable
Measuring distanceNon-contact measuring distace at 0.3-0.5m/1-1.7ft
Measuring waymeasured by walking through naturely without any additonal action
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃/±32.9℉(no black body)
Support environmentsnormal temperature, high temperature(e.g. greater than 40℃)
Alarm for abnormal temperature

Specification of Temperature Screening Gate Based On Computer:

TechnicBased on computer
Passage width70cm/2.3ft(or customized)
LanguageSupport multiple languages
Display screen13 inches touch screen
NetworkSupport remote program update via Internet
DetectorCould detect multiple object simultaneously
Measuring distanceNon-contact measuring distance at 0.3-3m/1-10ft
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃/±32.9℉(no black body)
Spectral range8μm~14μm
Thermalization lensF3.85mmF1.2
Sensitivity≤60mK(F/1, 300K, 50Hz
Frame frequency15Hz
Measurement range20℃-50℃/68-122℉
Working temperature10℃~45℃/50-113℉
Viewing angle40°× 30°

Additional Function: Metal Detector

Able to detect a metal object at clip size, multiple metal object detection.

Automatic alarmLED light On and Off
Default setup6 zones
DimensionOuter: 2202*820*550
Inner: 2000*700*550
Power consumption100-240V/15W

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