Non-contact forehead thermometer: K3

K3 non-contact thermometer has an inbuilt infrared thermopile array sensor, its high sensitiveness quickly measures forehead temperature at about 10 cm within 0.3 seconds, with fever alarm beep and multiple languages voice announcement, convenient to be mounted on the wall of the floor stand.

Model No: K3


Product nameInfrared temperature sensor
Model NumberK3
Accuracy±0.2 degrees
Response time0.5s
Alarmflashing+”DI DI”sound
Power chargerMicro USB and 18650 lithium rechargeable battery(3.7V 1800mAh Flap top)
Measuring distance5cm~10cm
USB powerMobile charger, 5V 2A
StandbyConstant working
Install methodWall mount, or Floor tripod height adjustable stand
Environment temperature10℃~60℃
Measuring range32~42℃
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian
ScreenLED display


  • Precision infrared sensor at ±0.3℃, stable and feasible performance
  • Strong environmental adaptability, suitable for a complex environment.
  • Protrude structure provides convenience for people to approach
  • ensures a more accurate result
  • Fever alarm: Flashing+Voice prompt(Default is sound of “Bee”)
  • Automatic measurement: measuring distance at 5-10cm
  • Charging method: USB Charging or replace the battery
  • Two temperature units: Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable.

Maintenance, Storage and Transportation Environment Requirements


  • The detector head is the most delicate part of the product and must be carefully protected
  • Do not use corrosive cleaners to clean this product
  • Do not immerse this product in water or other liquids
  • Place the product in a dry place to avoid dust, pollution, and direct sunlight
  • Use a soft and dry doth moistened with water or alcohol to dean the thermometer

Storage and Transportation Environment Requirements

  • Storage temperature∶-25℃-~55℃(13℉~131℉)
  • Relative humidity:10%~85%
  • Non-corrosive gas, well- ventilated room
  • Severe impact, vibration,rain and snow splashing must be avoided during transportation

Package information

  • Carton size:38x46x43cm(12 units)
  • Package weight of carton: 15kg(Cubic weight)
  • Net weight of single unit:350g
  • The gross weight of single unit:500g
  • Dimension of single unit:115x170x140mm
  • Dimension of single unit package:205x150x177mm
  • Carton size:38x46x43cm(12 units)

Please specify with us before order, we have two versions, one is without software, the other one is with software.

But generally speaking, this is a light and convenient tool to fast screen the people’s temperature, it will alarm when it detect someone with high temperature immediately, no need software control in most of time, and version without software is cheaper, you can regard it as a a replacement for handheld thermometer which need security guard need to manually hold it.

No, it is a PCB board with an inbuilt thermopile sensor, it needs professional tools to repair it, so we suggest you can return to the vendor or return to our factory, we will repair for you.

It is 18650 lithium battery at 1500 or 2000mAH, and it could also be powered by Micro USB cable.

It is calibrated before delivery, and it needs professional tools to calibrate and it must be under 25℃ environment, this step is well processed before delivery, so you don’t need calibration again after using it.

It uses tripod stand, made by aluminum and metal, check with us, we have very competitive price.

For distributor and wholesale price, please feel free to contact us, you will have big surprise.