Automatic Induction Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Non-contact Automatic Induction hand sanitizer Dispenser


Automatic Touch less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a hand-free and no touch automatic dispenser for liquid, gel, or spray hand sanitizer, it can be wall mounted, or with floor height adjustable stand, this hand sanitizer is suitable for public places, and Covid-19 related product since the outbreak of Covid-19 global pandemic.

Hands clean and personal hygiene are essential in our daily life, we should keep ourselves in a clean environment and a safe distance from others as possible as we can.

By seriously choosing components, iDoctorCloud is proud to announce the hand sanitizer is durable and reliable, which is suitable for home use, and public use.

It has an inbuilt battery so it is suitable for the areas where the power supply is unstable or inconvenient, the cycle of the battery is about 20,000 times. It stops liquid drop once your hand has left under the sensor.

Video Of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and floor stand

Specifications Of Soap Dispenser

Liquid typesLiquid, gel, or foam(need to change pump, specify before the order), spray(need to change pump, specify before the order)
Liquid volume per time2-3 ml
Material of caseABS plastic
Power supply18650 Lithium battery, 3.7V 1200 mAh, with USB micro B port
VoltageDC 6V
Working current120mA
Standby current60μA
Sensor range3-8cm
Battery low statusRed LED indicator blinks
Working temperature5~40 ℃
Working humidity0~95% RH
Water proofWater splashing proof
Size  110*100*165mm
Quantity per carton30 units
Carton dimension570*355*375mm
Carton weight18kg(GW)

Features Of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • The material of case: ABS plastic
  • The material of pump head: POM(Polyformaldehyde)
  • Inbuilt infrared sensor, no-contact automatic control
  • Inbuilt motor: Low noise, DC 6V, 3300RPM
  • A lifetime of motor: 1 million times
  • A lifetime of pump head: 1 million times
  • Power supply: Battery or USB
  • Low noise

Size Of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Liquid container600-700ml
Body length110mm
Body width100mm
Body height165mm

Detail Images Of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  1. The liquid outlet
  2. Power on/off
  3. Battery case
  4. Automatic Induction

The hanging hole on the back


Vacuum pump:
Dosage: 2-3ml per time(1 second per time)
Low noise: <65dB
Life time: 500 hours(equals to 1.8 million times)

  • Tube for liquid transmission: Inbuilt spring to avoid stuck or jam
  • Material: POM(Polyoxymethylene)
  • Lifetime: 3 years

POM(Polyoxymethylene) is a popular material used in industry, it can withstand acid or soda environment, low absorb water, and durable for long time.

Accessories Of Soap Dispenser

  • Packing box
  • User manual
  • 3 pcs of anchor bolt
  • 3 pcs of screw

Advantages Of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

soap dispenser in washroom
  • Anti-drop protection
  • Automatic IR sensor
  • Non-contact liquid output
  • Even the dosage of liquid output and no waste
  • 600-700 people use per refill
  • No need maintenance
  • Power supply: Power adaptor or AA batteries
  • Long lifetime: 1 million times
  • Could print your LOGO and OEM

Application Of Soap Dispenser

The Hand Sanitizer dispenser is perfect container for hand sanitizer, hydroalcoholic, liquid soap foaming, it can be widely applied in: homes, kitchen, public places like: office, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, bus stations, metro, government bureaus etc. It can withstand long term use and durable as initial status.

How To Install Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Warm tips:

  1. Clean the surface of the wall and rear plate before installation.
  2. The suggested installation distance with the sink is 30-40cm, as its sensing distance is 0-10cm.

Method 1: By 3M Glue

  1. Step1: Take down the hanging plate;
  2. Step2: Stick 3M glue on the hanging plate;
  3. Step3: Apply thick super glue;
  4. Step4: Stick the hanging plate on the wall, wait for 24 hours and then install the soap dispenser.

Method 2: By Screw

  1. Step1: Mark the wall according to the holes on the plate;
  2. Step2: Drill the hole and insert anchor bolt;
  3. Step3: Fix by screws;
  4. Step4: Hang up the device and insert batteries.

How To Refill Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

  1. step1: Unscrew the top lid;
  2. step2: Refill the hand sanitizer or liquid soap directly into the container;
  3. step3: Lock the box after liquid refill.

Why Need Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Compared with manual hand sanitizer, automatic hand sanitizer doesn’t need people to stretch the hand and press the knob, so it prevent people from touching the device and having the risk to get infection.

There are two options for hand sanitizer purchasing, one is manual hand sanitizer with foot switch, the other one is automatic hand sanitizer with a simple stand(without foot switch), both solution can serve public well, if you are not short of budget, we recommed automatic hand sanitizer with simple floor stand because the automatic soad dispenser has no big cost difference and it gives the convenience for all the people, as we know, not all the people or not all the moment does a people is convenient to press the knob to take the hand santizer, non-contact and automatic control doesn’t need you any force it just need you an aproaching, no other action, this is the convenience of technology.

The dosage of automatic hand sanitizer is average because it is controlled by electric pump mechanism, once a people put the hand under the device, its IR sensor begins to work and output the liquid, no touching, no infection risk.


Yes, this automatic soap dispenser is designed for hand hygiene during corona pandemic, its tank and pump including tubes are acid and soda resistant, so it can accept alcohol liquid, gel, in other words, it can accept various of hand sanitizer.

You may also use liquid and gel by turn, before refill the liquid or gel, you don’t have to wash the tank each time because it is maintenance free, of course regular clean the tank and surface of the device is not bad for the machine, so it is your option to clean or not.

Please allow us to emphasize, if you want to use hand sanitizer with foam or spray, you need to clarify before the order so the shop can give you exact model, this is because the pump heads are slightly different.

It utilizes vacuum pump and electric motor, infrared sensor, control board, liquid tank, DC power supply(or battery), which is DC6V.

When a person place his hands under the nozzle of the device, the hand block the light emitting from the the infrared(or IR) sensor then the sensor returns a signal back to the control board, the control board then trigger the electric motor to revolve so the pump absorb a preprogrammed amount of liquid from the tank and push it out of the nozzel, during this process or in the standby mode, the DC power supply maintains the device working all the time.

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