K200: Arteriosclerosis Health Check Kiosk

Arteriosclerosis Health Check Kiosk Wholesale

K200 iDoctorcloud health checkup kiosk

K200 is a kind of integrated health check kiosk, for public health checkup, it can measure arteriosclerosis, body composition percentage, body temperature, blood oxygen, ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, blood lipid, etc. 

This health check station is suitable for state hospitals, county hospitals, clinics, health centers, nursing homes, pharmacies etc. 

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Specification Of Arteriosclerosis Health Check Kiosk

  • Log in: ID card, QR code
  • Blood lipid test
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular index
  • Body composition analysis
  • A4 printer
  • Software development kits are provided

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