iDoctorCloud will attend MEDICA 2020

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iDoctorCloud will attend Medica Dusseldorf Exhibition in 2020
Medica Dusseldorf Exhibition

This is the first time iDoctorCloud attend the exhibition of MEDICA, due to global pandemic Covid-19, all exhibition has to be processed online, luckily we have get the permission to attend MEDICAL Dusseldorf Germany.

Hundreds of exhibitors will attend this show and covers all medical industry. we welcome you come and visit us, the period is 16th to 19th, Nov, when you enter into the website, please search the company name as: Shenzhen Xiekang, you will find our booth.

The topics for us this year is health checkup kiosk, we believe health checkup kiosk will be a big demand because it benefit everyone and dramatically increase the wellbeing of all the people.

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