Situation:  According to report of WHO, 70% of death are caused by chronic diseases and most of them died because no consistent disease monitoring system and no enough medical resources, that’s why we need to build up a health screening system which is cost effective and reliable system for public to use.

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In many rural areas, the medical conditions are worse, most of people has no ability to afford regular health screening, local governments lack of enough medical resources for distance areas and lack of complete view on the general health condition of the public, on the other hand, the public don’t have enough medical insurance for their health.

As per our experience, due to lack of good education, lots of people don’t know much about the operation of the health device, therefore a simple and self-help automatic self test health kiosk is quite essential for the governments(know more about us).

What can a blood pressure kiosk can do? This is a good question, a health checkup medical kiosk for blood pressure actually can monitor , such as blood pressure, and temperature etc.

We suggest providing different modules for different applications, except basic vital signs, we could add more measurement such as glucose, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, ECG(electrocardiograph) etc. and setup a basic training plan for the nurses or physicians, and propaganda public to take the medical examination on the health check stations across the areas, according to our experience, for the blood test, we could arrange a fixed time schedule for the nurses to visit the villages for those needed people, at the other time, the people can go to the health kiosks to take the self test.

There are many different suppliers on market, such as walmart blood pressure kiosk, Higi, Pusuant, Wellpoint, NHS, Alliance, Solo, CVS, Connecxtion, DR Carrot, Pulse, SA, Yolo, Priceline, CBAA, Rexcall, AHA, Arogyam, nuffield, howard, Athena, Cardinal, 365, Barwon, CTS, UW, Religare, UPMC, VECNA, Healthgenie, Pharmasmart, Sawyam, Priceline, Walgreens, and our own product, SONKA MEDICAL.

The important purpose of this health check station is that the governments locate thousands of health check kiosks and they can collect all the health data in this area, this information is very valuable because it provides a vision for the government to understand the accurate data for different disease people and take actions in coming months, such as investment, training, home visit, regular health treatment etc.

A health condition improvement is a reflection of a government management ability and it strongly influence the wellness of the local public, and healthy people form healthy family, healthy families form healthy areas, healthy areas form a healthy country, a healthy country can be dedicated to its own economy growth in a positive way.

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